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html form validation and creation with php

For web developers, the process of creating and validating HTML forms is almost their daily bread, and looking for new methods on how to improve the exercise is also a constant. With Zebra_form the process can be highly simplified, this PHP class has an object-oriented structure that promotes fast HTML forms development and inspires web developers to type down cleaner and eye-friendly code.


With Zebra-form you won’t have to write down validation code several times thanks to a powerful client-side and server-side validation. The class has an integrated cross-site scripting prevention mechanism that automates the process of detecting potential malicious codes from submitted data. The system also prevents automated SPAM posts, outside the box and without depending on CAPTCHA by placing honey pots.


The output can be generated through either automatically or manually via templates (essential PHP files). When the first option is chosen, the resulting output validates as HTML 4.01 Strict or XHTML 1.0 Strict and possess the same look and feel throughout the major web browsers (IE6 included).


Zebra_form provides all the controls you may expect in a HTML form and besides it includes date/time selectors, CAPTCHA and AJAX-like file upload handlers. The client-side validation is based on the MooTools JavaScript framework.

  1. Requires PHP 4.4.9+, MooTools Core 1.2.5+ (full) and MooTools More
  2. Complete documentation included.
  3. Several live examples.
  4. Latest updated performed in April 2011.

Original link: Zebra_form

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