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HTML5 for Web Designers review

A review by Nathan Davies

Being a web savvy tech nut it’s pretty rare that I buy a book on web technology. Let’s be honest most of us are the same – we live on the web and if it’s not on the web we don’t have the time. However, we are embarking on a new project at work and it seemed like the perfect project to try out some HTML5. What better way to cut through the hype than with an experienced and trustworthy guide.

A little bit of research and I discovered that A List Apart had a book. I know A List Apart and I like A List Apart. This would surely be the trustworthy guide I was looking for. An order was placed (I also picked up CSS3 for Web Designers while I was at it) and I waited patiently. When I received the book I must admit I was initially disappointed; it’s not a cheap book but it is a little book!

Sticking with the guide analogy a little longer this book is just that. It is not a detailed investigation of the specification; it is not a cookbook or a set of tutorials. This is a guide and a very good guide at that. So, what makes it so good?

To start with it is short! I know what a turn around that is. It can be read, digested and worked with in under a day. I have read this book, tried out some of the code snippets in the book and already have a much better understanding of HTML5. The short history lesson in chapter 1 is needed and kept to the right length. Also, unlike most tech books I found I couldn’t put it down. The style of writing is engaging, the grasp of the topic is masterful and the combination is an excellent book.

To get the most out of this book you will need to have a go at the examples given. They all work and can be implemented on a local host test very quickly; this will really aid your learning. Most of all, this book guides you through the key points of HTML5 today making recommendations on how you can implement this new standard immediately.

If you are a web designer or developer wondering about the future of HTML5 read this book.

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“A hard working web developer with a passion for making things better on the web. Currently working for a large group of schools in the UK on a massive web development project. Hailing from Wales and living in the North East I love to hike and bike whenever I get the chance. You can follow me on

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