Illustrations Bundle, Trendy Material-Like Style (Characters, Objects, Scenes)

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Create Your Vector World

A beautiful kit to create flat scenes & illustrations easily, it contains 120+ vector elements in EPS format (for greater compatibility) with a common color palette across every element; they have all been hand made to fit perfectly with eachother. You’ll get 13 EPS kits including plants, objects, textures, people, buildings, atmosphere sets, and much more. Get this creator kit for just $19!


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This Pack Features:

  • 120+ Scene Creation Elements
  • EPS Vector Files
  • 13 Content Kits
  • Vibrant Color Palette
  • Posable Characters
  • Fully Editable Elements
  • Textures Included
  • 10 Bonus Scenes/Illustrations
  • Easy to Work With



Kits Included:

  • Humans Starter Kit
  • Mainstream People
  • Running People
  • Walking People
  • Buildings Starter Kit
  • Civil Buildings
  • Plants Starter Kit
  • Plant Series
  • Strange Flora
  • Objects Starter Kit
  • Symbolic Objects
  • Atmosphere Sets
  • Textures Starter Kit


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