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Tagging pictures with jquery with this Facebook-like plugin

We all have seen Facebook’s tagging feature, an effective and simple system that lets you click over the part you want to add a tag on, then enter a description and finally save the changes. Now we can emulate that tagging system with some even greater features utilizing the jQuery framework and a plugin named jTag.

The plugin is compatible with Firefox 3.5 +, Internet Explorer 7 + and Google Chrome 8 +.


To utilize jTag you need jQuery 1.4 + and jQuery UI 1.8 +. The installation is really simple, yet if you have problems with it you will find a step by step guide on the official site, also on the site you will encounter the complete documentation with all the different properties and methods that you can use.


With more than 19 options & callbacks as well as 6 additional methods, jTag is a really nice plugin to work with if you need a tagging system for your site. On the demo page you will find different examples such as:

Original link: jTag

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