iOS UI Kits

(15 submissions) | Apr 10, 2017 (latest edition)

A set with iOS user interfaces displaying the most relevant parts of the latest Apple mobile OS.

  • A massive UI kit free for all of you, for Commercial and Personal use, it contains 82 screens, 1000 UI elements, and 6 categories. Photoshop sources included!

  • A clean and simple user interface kit with tons of screens in PSD format. The screens included are 28, divided in base, social, media, and miscellaneous), at 750x1334px, 326ppi.

  • Cityguide is a mobile app template which includes 7 well-layered screens. All the screens come in PSD format and are fully customizable. The files can be used for personal or commercial projects.

  • This is a UI kit for an iOS music app with all screens in PNG and Sketch format. The screens are fully editable and can be used together or separately for projects. The file's size is 142 MBs.

  • A 62MB UI kit with screens and design elements for iOS 10 made in Sketch. It includes symbols and notification templates, among many others, all in vector shapes. This UI Kit is open source.

  • A complete GUI for iOS 10, including all the relevant elements the mobile system. It has 62 screens, core components, symbols and styles, as well as resizing options for Sketch. It's fully customizable and has iPhone 6 resolutions. File size is 100MB.

  • A nice user interface kit made in Sketch to design iPhone and iPad apps easily. It has 104 components, 80 icons, 11 demos. It's resizable and includes a typography guide to help you change the appearance quickly.

  • This iOS GUI designed by Facebook is useful for mocking up apps, concept ideas, and create custom interface elements. The file works with elements native to iOS. The file comes in Sketch, PSD, and Figma formats.

  • This GUI set includes more than 100 screens with adaptive UI for iOS 10. This fully customizable set comes in Sketch format and it is a very good kit to use for iPhone. The file is 192 MBs.

  • is a handcrafted blog UI kit made for iOS. It contains 13 layered and named screens, photoshop vector shapes, and Google fonts. It can be modified and some elements reused. The file is 252 MBs.

  • Monet is a clean design UI Kit, very ideal for mobile apps, with images. A high-quality package that contains 16 iOS Mobile Screens. These screens are editable and organized PSD files. The file size is 99 MBs

  • Portal is a free UI pack that is editable in Photoshop and Sketch. It includes more than 200 screens and even more UI elements. The pack is layered, vector-based and it has Google Fonts. Inside you'll also find categories for easy indexing. Download size is 122MB.

  • An iOS 10 user interface kit for Sketch that is totally editable, structured, layered and includes named UI elements and screens. It has real resolutions for iPhone 6 versions, and elements are vectors for easy editing. Download weight: 90MB.

  • This is a redesign for an iOS app called Withings (totally editable thanks to its vector elements). It is a conceptual creation that includes fonts, a login screen, a compelling navigation, a timeline, a minimal user interface and more.

  • Kama is a mobile user interface kit made for Sketch and Photoshop that includes a conceptual redesign of iOS, and it is totally editable thanks to vector shapes and smart objects. The UI has 120 ready-to-use screens, 8 categories and countless design elements for you to have fun.

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