iOS7 GUI: Fantastic Set With More Than A Thousand Elements

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The elements that are part of this fantastic GUI are inspired in the new style of iOS7 in its beta version, but with a slight general improvement to app icons and the interface in general. There are more than 1000 of them, fully editable retina ready PSD covering almost everything (if not everything) you could need for your projects. If you need a version for the rivals, we also have an amazing Android GUI for you to enjoy, all part of the great DesignShock bundle along with hundreds of other design collections.
INTRO-iOS7 iOS-7-01 iOS-7-02 iOS-7-03 iOS-7-04 iOS-7-05 iOS-7-06 iOS-7-07 iOS-7-08 iOS-7-09 iOS-7-010 Detail 01 Detail 02 Detail 03 Detail 04 Detail 05 Detail 06 Detail 07 Detail 08 Detail 09 Detail 10 Detail 11 Detail 12 Detail 13 Detail 14 Detail 15 Detail 16 Detail 17 Detail 18 Detail 19 Detail 20 Detail 21 Detail 22 Detail 23 Detail 24 Detail 25 Detail 26 Detail 27 Detail 28 Detail 29 Detail 30 Detail 31 Detail 32 Detail 33 Detail 34 Detail 35 Detail 36 Detail 37

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