Zeus GUI: A Full Set Of iPhone GUI Elements To Create Fantastic Mobile Apps

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The  Zeus GUI set is the biggest iPhone GUI you have ever seen, ideal to create great iPhone and mobile apps, a comprehensive collection of thousands of UI elements in 5 different styles and 50 different color variations. Everything comes in a layered PSD so you can modify all the vectors in case it's not enough. If you need to keep creating mobile content, the Android GUI could prove quite useful, as well.

Zeus iPhone GUILeather Style

View Full Size Leather1-1 Leather1-2 Leather1-3

Normal Style

View All Size Normal1-1 Normal1-2 Normal1-3

Texture Style

View All Size Texture1-1 Texture1-2 Texture1-3

Vintage Style

View All Size Vinatge1-1 Vinatge1-2 Vinatge1-3

Wood Style

Previews-630-reducidos_wood Wood1-1 Wood1-2 Wood1-3

Colors Combinations


Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Leather_color1 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Leather_color2 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Leather_color3 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Leather_color4 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Leather_color5


Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Normal_color1 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Normal_color2 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Normal_color3 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Normal_color4 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Normal_color5


Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Texture_color1 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Texture_color2 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Texture_color3 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Texture_color4 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Texture_color5


Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Vintage_color1 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Vintage_color2 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Vintage_color3 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Vintage_color4 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Vintage_color5


Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Wood_color1 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Wood_color2 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Wood_color3 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Wood_color4 Zeus_iPhone-GUI_Wood_color5

Full size previews

Leather Style
Normal Style
Texture Style
Vintage Style
Wood Style

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