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James White

James White, man. Where to begin? He’s the godfather, the Photoshop wizard, he’s the man that puts the R, the G, and the B in your screen. He lights the rainbows. He’s also a very prolific and influential graphic designer and visual artist, by the way. He became part of the media industry in 1998 and has been delighting the eyes of our collective consciousness ever since as a full time graphic designer and as the one man design studio Signalnoise. In short, he’s a pretty cool guy, actually.

Whenever he’s not designing 80s media inspired masterpieces with an interesting combination of flash, illustrator and Photoshop or giving us a visual feast in the form of Technicolor geometrical masterpieces, he is found playing video games, watching movies and, occasionally, giving back to the media industry by creating incredibly useful tutorials on various Photoshop techniques, such as layer effects, his very own rainbow shards or amazing transparency effects.

Even though his style is extremely fluid and dynamic he is, in fact, an extremely methodical and precise designer who has integrated several flash apps of his own creation into his geometrical style. Currently he is experimenting with more free flowing and painterly design styles.

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