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Jared M. Spool

Jared is not unknown in the developmentand programming industry, and what’s really beautiful is that he’s been working on User Interfaces since 1988, a time when the standard computer had nothing to do with fancy User Interfaces. That year, he founded User Interface Engineering, an organization for conducting usability evaluations on several different products. He has now morethan 25 years of experience and has become an expert in low-fidelity prototyping techniques.

He also works on Tufts University at the Gordon Institute as a seminarist on product usability. He is amember of the SIGCHI and the IEEE, two of the most prestigious institutions for the electronics industry, and he has managed to translate the product usability knowledge he has into user interfacedesign and human factors in computing.

Among his publications, we can find Web Site Usability: A Designer’sGuide, a book full of data that shows how websites work to deliver particular answers to users. This book was written in 1997 and still, incredibly; it shows valid points on how users interact with websites. It demonstrates how people navigate and extract information from websites, as well as offering guidance for testing and enhancing usability.

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