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Jason Grigsby

Jason Grigsby is co-founder and team member at Cloud Four, a group concerned with design, development and strategy for mobile projects. He asserts he is an enthusiastic manager who aims to help developing long-term strategies to achieve specific visions that both customers and employers may have. With his team, Jason has written “Head First Mobile Web”, a great guide for web developers approaching the mobile web. In the same way, Jason frequently posts articles related to mobile web development in Cloud Four’s blog, becoming a great reference for such field.

Responsive Design for Apps is a post written by Jason where he analyzes responsiveness based on the features and physical specs of existing devices; he explores how these features differentiate sets of devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop devices and how responsiveness requirements tend to mutate with each of these sets.

In addition, New to Mobile? Welcome to the One Web Debate presents interesting views supported by concepts from the W3C about the One Web. The article criticizes the alleged acceptance of the creation of several HTML files to deliver contents in different languages, but at the same time the rejection when doing so to provide content to different devices and resolutions.

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