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Jason Gross

Jason Gross knows about design and he likes to share that knowledge. Professional web designer by day for Healthx and writer and freelancer by night, Gross maintains a blog through which he gives back to the design community by writing insightful posts on the designer end of things. He tends to talk about the fundamental principles of web design, like the role it plays in the delivery of content, or how to break the basic rules for a better user experience and, as you can see, he has collaborated numerous times with various websites.

One of his blog’s best offerings is his series of articles on recycling design material to facilitate and automate some aspects of responsive web design. Part 1 brings us some extremely helpful tips and tricks to recycle resources for adaptive web design so you are able to use them in future projects, he also provides guidance as to which resources are recyclable. Part 2 talks about using typography effectively in responsive design environments. More are to come.

All in all, his blog offers some pretty insightful reads on design principles and all the thought that goes down, behind the scenes, whenever you carry out a designing endeavor.

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