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Creating statistical operations with JavaScript

Usually when you’re trying to perform complex statistical operations, you need to appeal to a dedicated statistical language to help you do things with ease, but that process is still complicated and takes a considerable amount of time that could be spent in more productive processes.

Now there’s a fantastic JavaScript named jStat that gives you the chance to execute complex statistical operations without having to recur to dedicated statistical languages. The library simplifies the computing process, giving you more time to focus on more important tasks.


The library includes an interactive console that allows you to dynamically execute any jStat command. Installing jStat is really simple, just download the latest version and extract it into your application’s JavaScript directory, then include the JavaScript file in your HTML and you’re all set.


You can play with the handlers to alter the appearance of the graphics as well as personalize the location and scale parameters. These aspects provide a lot of freedom to the developer when he wants to customize the graphic to satisfy his expectations.


Among the main features that you can work with whilst using jStat we can include:

  • Flick between PDF/CDF instantly.
  • Plot the distribution as a series of points or a continuous line
  • Render the plot as a line, or a filled density
  • Provide information when hovering over the plot
  • Adjust the number of points utilized to draw the distribution.

Original link: jStat

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