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Extensive JavaScript and Node.js Math Library

Math.js is a comprehensive library made with JavaScript and Node.js. It is a useful solution to work with numbers, integers, complex numbers, units and matrices. It is really easy to use. Among the features it has, we can find:

– It works along and it’s compatible with the Math library of JavaScript.
– You can do chained operations.
– Has built-in functions and constants.
– It runs on the JavaScript engine (no dependencies).
– Can be extended easily.
– Has a flexible expression parser.

It includes shortcuts. For instance, you can press S to focus the input field, Ctrl+F11 to allow full screen and type “clear” to clear the history.

To start using it, you need to install it. You can do this via npm or bower, or downloading the package from the website. Then just load it and instantiate it. Provide the necessary options in the configuration area.

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