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Live preview a website with JavaScript

From the same creators of the popular extension Firebug, better known as Backfire, now we have a new script that will save us a lot of work to both developers and web designers. The script is named Live.js, an useful resource that will help you obtain a live preview of the site your working on, definitely a great script that everyone should have since now to help them out with their projects.


The script fulfills a very simple task, it auto refreshes in the browser the page that you’re currently modifying so you can see the design instantly. This will happen every time you modify something in the code, whether if it’s HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

On this way while you’re editing a page the browser will always show you the latest saved version. This same functionality is available in other interfaces such as live preview in Dreamweaver, but with this script you can have that same functionality while only using a working editor.


Besides as if that’s not enough, the changes performed on the CSS are made dynamically, which means that the page will not reload from zero as it happens with HTML or JavaScript, it will reload the pages whilst you manually work on them.

Original link: BdeBloggers.

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