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Jeff Starr

Whenever Jeff is not curating the WordPress section at Smashing Magazine you can find him writing. What does he write about? He writes about WordPress and other web related subjects, of course. He’s the author of “Digging into WordPress”, a profound and thorough book on the world’s most popular publishing platform, which will teach you how to maintain and manage a WordPress website throughout the years with real, practical, code samples. Also authored by him, “.htaccess made easy” aims to make a security expert on Htaccess out of you by sharing over 10 years of experience Jeff has on the subject in a colorful way. He has a web design and development company called Monzilla.

One of the blogs he maintains is called Perishable Press, where you’ll be able to find his writings on several subjects, ranging from WordPress to SEO and web security, and, sometimes, all of them at the same time. One of his best articles on web security is this one, in which he goes to great lengths to explain how to avoid the common practice of using unsafe characters in URLs.

He writes on uncommon subjects with knowledge and experience, so if you need information on obscure, web-based topics, you better look him up.

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