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Jeffrey Zeldman

Counting Zeldman as a “rising author” is total nonsense since he has been working and writing on web design for a long time. He started in 1995 and has become, since then, one of the institutions of web standards and design. He is the founder of one of the most important blogs about web design: A List Apart. A blog that incubates ideas so powerful that can change entire views on one subject (like Responsive Web Design). He founded Happy Cog, a web design studio that gives advice to entrepeneurs and regular people on what’s great design.

A List Apart works as an evangelical platform to guide web designers and programmers create a better web by knowing, adapting and even creating web standards. This work helps achieving accessible, SEO improved websites that are friendly, and work in multiple platforms.

Zeldman wrote a book called Designing with Web Standards, which grew to be a complete success around the world. The book is available in 13 languages, and it’s now in its third edition, co-authored by Ettan Marcotte. The book comprises topics as behaviour and structures, markup, standard-based design, HTML5, CSS, Internet Explorer matters, responsive design, grids, accessibility and many more topics.

He has also created a book store called a A Book Apart, with the purpose of selling brief books that can be read in a relatively long plane flights, as well as hosting a design conference called An Event Apart that consists in a two-day learning and knowledge-sharing experience about web standards, which is followed by a full day of workshop. The conference is hosted in seven cities around the world annually, and speakers are carefully selected before the event.

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