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Jenn Lukas

Named one of Mashable’s 15 developer/hacker women to follow on twitter, Jenn Lukas has considerable front end development skills and know-how and she isn’t afraid to share them with you. You can read her on numerous sites, such as The Nerdary, Happy Cog’s Blog and .Net magazine. She loves cats almost as much as she loves web development.

Jenn, as front-end developers do, specializes in HTML5, Javascript, CSS, etc. In other words, she knows how to code, that’s her thing (apart from cats), so you’ll be reading a lot about coding, like this lovely piece about unifying style when developing in a team or this useful text on HTML5 and it’s new “figcaption” elements.

Her own website, has been made available so you can get more info on her life and contact her for classes, projects or just say hi!

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