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John Gruber

If you are used to blog using Dropbox or Github pages, you would probably be used to his name as well, if not, let’s introduce him by talking about one of his greatest contributions to the web: Markdown, the plain text markup syntax which can be converted to HTML. Gruber has got a Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences from Drexel University. His blog, Daring Fireball, comprises topics related to Apple (as John is a declared fan of the brand), its design, current devices and apps as well as the rise of new ones, and web development, too.

After numerous speaking engagements in SXSW and other tech related events, John has made a great reputation in the technology and design industry. His full time job is Daring fireball, where you’ll find only cool stuff regarding web design and more.

Although his blog has a wider scope than other developers and designers mentioned, Gruber’s contribution to improving the web experience cannot go unnoticed. Getting in deeper detail about Markdown you can see how typing is much simplified by allowing formatting to be made quickly and precisely, with the sole need of a text editor.

Another minor yet interesting project from Gruber is Smartypants, a plugin for Movable Type, Blosxom and BBEdit that embellishes quoting, changing straight signs with curly ones. Though not as noticed as Markdown, it shows Gruber’s concern with detail and formality in the presentation, which is clearly applied on his own website.

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