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JQuery SlideShow, 150 fresh resources

We know that all you web designers are always pulling your hair to find the freshest plug-ins to impress your web surfers and gain popularity among users, who as time goes by are less and less impressionable, especially now that no word is acceptable if it doesn’t have an image to go with it. And let’s face it! A simple display of an image won’t even do,  because there too much talent in the field and too much competition amongst millions of web developers that every day come up with a new, more esthetic and coolest way to display a group of images.

Slides shows have proven to be one the most practical ways to display a group of images over time, it’s survived several stages of the web development history, and this says a lot about the plug-in. While it has survived over time it’s changed its face millions of times, to better suit the needs of web developers that besides wanting a great visual esthetic for a feature they want it to make the web surfing progression an easy breezy process for their visitors.

For you web developers using a slideshow will probably always be a cool technique to show your featured content or your image gallery, since it allows this to happen in a limited amount of space, this will always be something good to ensure the permanence of your visitor: short waiting period equals a happy user.

The image slider or slideshow is actually one of the uses for JQuery. It’s no secret how JQuery has won Flash in the battle against time, do to it’s easy to install, light weight and quick loading period features, many users around the world  are replacing flash for JQuery, and it has become a great tool for web designers.

With JQuery you’ll be able to create dynamic effects for slideshows in websites. For those of you that still don’t know what JQuery is, it is a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It’s very popular for being a free, open source software, that’s designed to make it easier to navigate a document, select DOM elements, create animations, handle events, and develop Ajax applications, while It providing capabilities for developers to create plug-in on top of the JavaScript library.

We’ve rounded up for you the next 50 JQuery Slideshow examples, as a go to guide for those of you that are interested in implementing a content slider in your website. So check out our jQuery Slideshows collection. We hope you enjoy all the fun new ideas to turn your dull and boring slideshow into an interactive presentation and of course, that they come in handy!


jQuery Slider Shock

It is the most complete responsive jQuery/WordPress slider. Not only allows to slide text, images and videos in one slider, but it also lets you slide content from other web sources like Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr. Also provides you with a large list of transition effects and several options to edit almost everything on it arrows, text, borders, background, width and height and others.

TN3 Gallery


TN3 Gallery is a jQuery image gallery with slideshow, transitions effects, multiple album options, CSS skinning and much more. It’s compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers.

TN3 Gallery2


TN3 Gallery is a jQuery image gallery with slideshow, transitions effects, multiple album options, CSS skinning and much more. It’s compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers.

Fullscreen Gallery with Thumbnail Flip


In this tutorial we will create a fullscreen gallery with jQuery. The idea is to have a thumbnail of the currently shown fullscreen image on the side that flips when navigating through the images. The big image will slide up or down depending where we are navigating to. We will add navigation controls for the mousewheel and for keys. The thumbnail will have a zoom and and a fullscreen option, making the image in the background appear in fullscreen mode or as a complete image, resized to fit in the page

Parallax Slider with jQuery


We will make use of the parallax principle to move different backgrounds when we slide to an image in order to create some nice perspective. This will give a great depth to the whole slider when it’s in motion.

Minimalistic Slideshow Gallery with jQuery


The idea is to have a container with our slideshow and the options to view a grid of thumbnails, pause the slideshow, and navigate through the pictures. The thumbnail grid will slide out from the top and allow the user to navigate through a set of thumbnails.



Slideshowify is a jQuery plugin for generating a Ken Burns Effect-style slideshow from images that match a selector. Images that don’t fit the window proportions exactly (generally the case) are cropped and panned across the screen. This also resembles that Mac screensaver.

Minimit Gallery Plugin


Minimit Gallery is a highly customizable Jquery plugin that does galleries, slideshows, carousels, slides… pratically everything that has multiple states.Using Minimit Gallery you have more time to focus on the ideation and the dynamics of your interface, all the logic functionality instead is managed by the plugin. It’s designed for advanced Javascript/Jquery programmers because you need to code all the animations and the css of the gallery.



Craftyslide is a tiny (just 2kb) slideshow built on jQuery. Craftyslide aims to be different, by providing a simple, no-frills method of displaying images; packaged into a small, clean and efficient plugin.



Fotorama is a nice-looking javascript gallery with intuitive controls, and flawless compatibility across all computers, iPhones and any mobile devices. It’s easy to install and set up.



Unlike many Javascript and jQuery image sliders, Slider.js animation implementation is simple, clean and do not parse/manipulate DOM style attributes with Javascript each render frame rate. Slider.js is an hybrid solution taking the efficiency of CSS3 transitions and the power of Canvas animation based on requestAnimationFrame.



DZSlides is a one-page-template to build your presentation in HTML5 and CSS3.

Diapo by Pixedelic


Diapo slideshow is an open source project. You can suggest changes or improvements if you want. You can download it and use for free, you can also include it in your projects and sell it as part of a bigger work (in this case please consider a donation).



Simple, semantic markup. Supported in all major browsers. Horizontal/vertical slide and fade animations. Multiple slider support. Callback API, and more. Hardware accelerated touch swipe support. Custom navigation options. Use any html elements in the slides. Built for beginners and pros, alike. Free to use under the MIT license

JavaScript Slideshow for Agile Development


Implement your slideshow with the Agile Carousel JQuery plugin. Highly customizable so you can build according to your requirements. JSON data format is used to provide easier integration with external data or data from your CMS. Use it for agile web development. This is an all new version written from scratch. JQuery UI effects and the ability to read files on the server are no longer included. New features are added, such as “Control Sets” which allow for a more customizable setup. Now posted on Github for faster development.



Skitter is a jQuery plugin that enables us to convert unordered lists into slideshows with attractive animations.The slideshow can display the list of slides as numbers or thumbnails and items can be browsed with the help of prev-next buttons as well.It has many original animation types including cube (with various sub-types), tube, block and more.

Slider kit


The purpose of Slider Kit is to gather common slideshow-like jQuery functionalities (such as news sliders, photos galleries/sliders, carousels, tabs menus) into one lightweight and flexible plugin combined with ready-to-use CSS skins.



Slides is a slideshow plugin for jQuery that is built with simplicity in mind. Packed with a useful set of features to help novice and advanced developers alike create elegant and user-friendly slideshows.If you find a bug please submit an Issue or email support with a brief description of the bug and a link to where it can be reviewed. Slides is provided with limited support. If you need support please visit the Slides User Group.Slides is compatible with all modern web browsers and jQuery versions 1.4.4+.



With the little markup you need to add to your site, you get a full featureset, like the ability to put whatever data you want within the slide window, even mixed types, a proportionally-correct status display that configures itself, fullscreen display and swipe functionality.

Jb Slider


jbgallery is a UI widget webpage written in javascript on top of the jQuery library.Its function is to show a single big image, multiple images, multiple galleries, slideshows, as a site’s background, in a “dialog” mode or as a common pop-up.jbgallery has two basic menus: the first one has music player buttons while the other one links directly to single images.I added a “complex” menu on the 2.0 version, which in inspired by the flickr slider-equipped slideshow that allows to scroll the thumbnail previews.jbgallery provides a pubblic API to remote control the component, so it would be easier to bind also with a more complex menu.



jqFancyTransitions is easy-to-use jQuery plugin for displaying your photos as slideshow with fancy transition effects. jqFancyTransitions is compatible and fully tested with Safari 2+, Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Google Chrome 3+, Opera 9+.



YoxView is a free Lightbox-type media and image viewer jQuery plugin. It’s easy to use and feature-rich. Check out the changelog for news and updates! Updates are also available on Twitter or by RSS.



ColorBox is a jQuery Lightbox plugin which is lightweight (9kb) & supports photos, photo groups, slideshow, ajax, inline, and iframed content.The lightbox has a very nicely designed interface which can be improved or customized with CSS.



SIMPLEST JQUERY SLIDESHOW. A friend was looking at doing a simple slideshow. The requirements were very straightforward: No animation controls. eg: play, stop. Images should cross-fade.

jQuery Cycle Plugin


The jQuery Cycle Plugin is a slideshow plugin that supports many different types of transition effects. It supports pause-on-hover, auto-stop, auto-fit, before/after callbacks, click triggers and much more. It also supports, but does not require, the Easing Plugin.

AD Gallery


A highly customizable gallery/showcase plugin for jQuery.



Horinaja is a ready-to-use slide-show implementation, utilizing either scriptaculous/prototype or jQuery. A running example above Horinaja is innovative because it allows you to use a mousewheel for navigation. When the mouse is outside of the slide-show area, it scrolls. When hovering over the slide-show, the scrolling pauses.



Supersized is a fullscreen background slideshow built using the jQuery library.

Simple Controls Gallery v1.4


Want to display images as an automatic slideshow that can also be explicitly played or paused by the user? Simple Controls Gallery rotates and displays an image by fading it into view over the previous one, with navigation controls that pop up when the mouse rolls over the Gallery

s3Slider jQuery plugin


s3Slider is a jQuery slideshow plugin inspired from smooth slideshow (but for jQuery rather than MooTools). It creates the slideshow from an unordered list & can be implemented easily.



Galleriffic is a jQuery plugin that provides a rich, post-back free experience optimized to handle high volumes of photos while conserving bandwidth. I am not so great at spelling, and it was much later that I realized that the more appropriate spellings would be Gallerific or Gallerrific, but is too late now for a name change, so Galleriffic remains.

FullScreen Background with Slideshow & Overlay Support


Vegas Background jQuery plugin lets you add beautiful fullscreen backgrounds to your webpages. It even allows Slideshows. Slideshows of different backgrounds, transition and callbacks can be easily set up. Most of the time, backgrounds are stretched a lot to fit big screens. An overlay with a texture can be added to mask the image degradation effects. It also adds a stylish look to your backgrounds. You can easily add overlay pattern to your backgrounds with CSS.

Supersized 3.0


Supersized is a fullscreen background slideshow built using the jQuery library.

Choco Slider


Choco-Slider is a lightweight (~7kb) and flexible jQuery image slider plugin. It requires a set of images wrapped with an element (like a div) and uses the alt tags to display information about the slides.



Picbox is a lightweight (around 5KB) javascript image viewer based on the excellent Slimbox by Christophe Beyls, and available using either the Mootools or jQuery frameworks. It features automatic resizing and zooming of large images, allowing them to fit in the browser or be viewed at full size.

PikaChoose jQuery


Version 4 of the PikaChoose jQuery Image Gallery is now available! Pikachoose is a lightweight jQuery slideshow plugin, with tons of great features! jCarousel integrates smoothly with PikaChoose to give your gallery simple and effective carousel. PikaChoose now has API hooks for integrating lightboxes and other things.



slideViewer checks for the number of images within your list, and dinamically creates a set of links to command (slide) you pictures. Also, clicking on each image will make the gallery slide forward or backward, depending on the area you are clicking (eg: clicking the left part of a picture will move the slides backward, and viceversa for the right part of the picture).

jquery-based slider


This jquery-based slider does what the most jquery-sliders do, but adds a hashtag to the window location, so you can link to any content / position of the slider. I was searching for a script like this for a while but didn’t find one and so a decided to make one myself.

jQuery & WordPress Image Slider


16 unique transition effects. Simple clean & valid markup. Loads of settings to tweak. Built in directional and control navigation. Packed version only weighs 12kb. Supports linking images. Keyboard Navigation. HTML Captions. 3 Slick Themes. Free to use and abuse under the MIT license

Slick jQuery Image Slider Plugin


Orbit is a killer jQuery plugin that lets you create a simple, effective and beautiful slider for images of any size, and even includes some parameters for making awesome captions and a sweet timer.Most jQuery image sliders hover at around 8 kbs for minified versions, and around 15kbs or more for uncompressed development files, but what if there was a way to keep the simple fades, slides, and a couple other nifty bits, but strip the bloated and corny diagonal-cross fades or spiral dissolves.

Pirobox V.1.2.2


Pirobox is lightweight jQuery Lightbox script.

SudoSlider 2.0


Sudo Slider is slider plugin that allows the designer to do whatever he wants, with whatever HTML he want. Sudo Slider can load images and html with Ajax. The minified file is only 10KB.

Wave Display


How cool is it to sometimes just display content a little bit differently? Today we want to share an experiment with you that let’s you show images and content in a unique form ” a wave. The idea is to initially have some smaller thumbnails rotated and placed in the shape of a sine curve. When clicking on a thumbnail, we’ll œzoom in to see a medium sized version. Clicking again will make the large content area appear; here we will show some more content.

A Responsive jQuery Carousel Plugin


With the responsive awakening in web design it becomes important to not only take care of the visual part of a website but also of the functionality. Elastislide is a responsive jQuery carousel that will adapt its size and its behavior in order to work on any screen size. Inserting the carousel’s structure into a container with a fluid width will also make the carousel fluid.

Content Rotator with jQuery


Today we want to share a fancy content rotator with you. It shows some image with a headline and sub-headline in each slide and allows navigating through the slides using the thumbnails that also contain a headline. Hiding the thumbnails will reveal a scrollable text container and the navigation arrows will move up so that one can navigate to the previous or next slides.

Fullscreen Slideshow with HTML5 Audio and jQuery


To create the slideshow and the fullscreen picture display, we’ll use the Vegas jQuery plugin that compiles many ideas previously shared in Codrops articles in one plugin. The audio elements will be controlled with Buzz, a JavaScript audio library. You can find out more about these two plugins that I wrote on my website: Jay Salvat’s website.

Rotating Image Slider with jQuery


In the following tutorial we will create an asymmetrical image slider with a little twist: when sliding the pictures we will slightly rotate them and delay the sliding of each element. The unusual shape of the slider is created by some elements placement and the use of thick borders. We will also add an autoplay option and the mousewheel functionality.

Sliding Panel Photo Wall Gallery with jQuery


The idea is to have a whole page full of thumbs with a nice light effect when we hover. When an image is clicked, a panel slides up from the bottom revealing the full picture. When clicking on the full image, the thumbs panel slide back from the bottom. This effect will give the impression that we are stacking the panels on top of each other every time we change the mode. In the full picture view we add some nice transition effect when we browse through the photos.



An image gallery slideshow that fades right before your own eyes.

Slick and Accessible Slideshow jQuery


In this in-depth web development tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a usable and web accessible slideshow widget for your site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery). In the process, you’ll see the concept of Progressive Enhancement in action.



Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery framework built on top of the jQuery library. The aim is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries for the web and mobile devices.

Fullscreen Image 3D Effect with CSS3 and jQuery


The idea is to show an image’s fullscreen version by rotating two blocks in three-dimensional space. The faces of the blocks being rotated to the front will show the fullscreen image.

Portfolio Slideshow


Easily add a clean and simple javascript slideshow to your site. The slideshow integrates well into any design, supports fluid-width themes, and offers lots of options for power users, too.

Slideshow Gallery


Feature content in a JavaScript powered slideshow gallery showcase on your WordPress website.

Homepage SlideShow


Homepage Slide Show is a plugin that allows you to display a flash slideshow on your homepage. It is also allow us to use it as a widget. You can also enable this homepage slideshow on your wordpress site by placing code snippet in your template php file.

xili floom slideshow


Floom slideshow designed by Oskar Krawczyk under MIT license is wonderful and amazing. For integration inside wordpress, it can be awesome ! xili-floom-slideshow tries to install it automatically but also allows personalizations.

Slimbox2 with Slideshow


Slimbox2 Slideshow is a WordPress plugin used to display Lightbox effects on images. It supports image resizing to fit images in the browser window and automatic slideshow. With advantages over other existing Lightbox plugins being

Slideshow Gallery


This plugin and widget allows you to create dynamic, controllable slideshows or presentations for your website

Carousel slideshow


Carousel slideshow is a plugin that allows you to display a slideshow on your website.It is also allows to use it as a widget. You can also enable Carousel slideshow on your wordpress site by placing code snippet in your template php file.

Background Slideshow


Background Slideshow uses jQuery to slide through unlimited full-size background images. Images are being connected with both, posts or pages. You can even decide if you want to let your visitors click on a background image to change to its post/page.

YAS Slideshow


Yas Slideshow is a plugin that allows you to display a flash slideshow on your website.It is also allows to use it as a widget. You can also enable this Yas Slideshow on your wordpress site by placing code snippet in your template php file

Gallery to Slideshow


This plugin for WordPress converts the built in gallery into a simple and responsive slideshow. It uses the FlexSlider jQuery image slider, and requires zero configuration from the user.

Blip Slideshow


A WordPress slideshow plugin fed from a SmugMug, Flickr, MobileMe, Picasa or Photobucket RSS feed and displayed using pure Javascript.

Simple Slideshow


I was looking for a simple way to add a jQuery Cycle slideshow to my posts.



The Slideshow plugin gives you a shortcode called [slideshow], which pulls any image attachments for a post (or any post type) and formats them into a nicely-designed slideshow.



I didn’t find any gallery which fulfilled my expectations. I don’t need private pictures from flickr to be included to my block, as once included they are not private anymore. That’s why I wanted to use the standard functionality of flickr to embed slideshows.

Skitter Slideshow


Let your blog more elegant Skitter Slideshow! With numerous customization options, is one that will bode well for your theme.

GPP Slideshow


The GPP Slideshow plugin for WordPress allows you to create minimalist image slideshows using the new Gallery post type or using WordPress’ built in

shortcode on Posts and Pages.

ShowTime Slideshow


Displays all pictures attached to a post/page as a slideshow. Simple setup. This plugin requires Adobe Flash, reverts nicely to default WordPress gallery if Flash is not found

Simple JS SlideShow


I’ve made it for my own needs, to have a slideshow doing what I want and without too much parameters.

All-In-One Slideshow


You can combine 27 transition and 8 easing effects! The plugin comes with package of 8 cufon fonts. You can easlily add new fonts. Choose between arrow and numbered navigation.

Bannerspace Slideshow


Bannerspace is powered by the awesome jQuery Cycle plugin. The plugin creates a custom post type for your slides and allows the user to create simple slideshows with funky transition effects such as fade, scroll, shuffle, zoom, and more. At the moment it is only capable of creating a single slide show per page

Blaze Slideshow


Blaze SlideShow is a plugin that allows you to display a flash slideshow on your website.It is also possible to use it as a widget.You can also enable this Blaze slideshow on your wordpress site by placing code snippet in your template php file.

Post Slideshow Gallery


This is a very barebones plugin, it aims to do one thing well and nothing else. There are no fancy extra features.

Meteor Slides


Easily create slideshows and publish them with a shortcode or widget. The slideshows are powered by jQuery Cycle and have over twenty transition styles to choose from

NextGEN Gallery


NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a slideshow option. Before I started writing the plugin I studied all the existing image and gallery plugins for WordPress.

WP Supersized


WP Supersized enables the easy integration of the Supersized jquery extension in the pages/posts you want. After activation you will find a new WP Supersized section in your Settings where you can manage the plugin options.

Awesome Flickr Gallery


Awesome Flickr Gallery is a simple, fast and light plugin to create a gallery of your Flickr photos on your WordPress enabled website. This plugin aims at providing a simple yet customizable way to create clean and professional looking Flickr galleries.



D13Slideshow is a plugin that will create an animated promo slideshow as part of your WordPress blog. You can use it to promote any pages or posts in your site and it is fully customisable through the admin pages of your blog.

PhotoShelter Official Plugin


The PhotoShelter Official Plugin allows you to embed single images or gallery slideshows from PhotoShelter into any blog post.

oQey Gallery


oQey Gallery is a Photo Slideshow Plugin for WordPress with Video and Music capabilities, that works great for any HTML5 supported device (like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.) as well as browsers that do not support HTML5.

1 Flash Gallery


Are you looking for a best way to manage and display photo gallery on your blog? Try “1 Flash Gallery” – photo gallery plugin with slideshow function.

IPage Slides


IPage Slides allows you to display your blog post content as a dynamic slideshow. You can choose to autoplay the slideshow or manually control the slides. The purpose of this plugin is to let bloggers highlight their top content in limited space in an interactive way.

Better Backgrounds


Show a random background image every visitor session (using a cookie), page refresh, or timed slideshow interval. Choose between fixed full screen background, full width scrolling background, or classic non-scaled backgrounds. Supports background fade effects and optionally integrates with NextGen Gallery plugin. Replaces the built-in WordPress Background settings page.

NextGEN Monoslideshow


Monoslideshow is a Flash slideshow to view your images and videos in a web page. It can be placed on every website, in whatever size you want and filled with whatever content you like. It’s designed for maximum flexibility, whether you want to have a professional looking portfolio, or a simple image rotator on your website.

Flash Gallery


The Flash Gallery plugin lets you turn your ordinary galleries into awesome image walls, with support for multiple albums per post, full screen viewing and slideshows.

WP Glideshow


WP-Glideshow now with new, better features! Feature as many posts/pages as you like on any static page you wish. Optionally add an image to every post or page! Order your posts/pages by date or title! Choose from many styling options. Set duration of the slide and choose an effect for the Slideshow! Now including automatic image-resizing with wordpress built-in feature.

GRAND FlAGallery – Best Photo & Media Gallery


Try GRAND FlAGallery – powerfull flash & jQuery media content plugin. It provides a comprehensive interface for handling image galleries, audio and video.

WOW Slider


WOW Slider is a jQuery image slider for WordPress with stunning visual effects (Blast, Fly, Blinds, Squares, Slices, Basic, Fade, Ken Burns, Stack, Stack vertical and Basic linear) and tons of professionally made templates.

UnPointZero Slider


UnPointZero slider is a plugin that display a slideshow for your news or pages !

Promotion Slider


Promotion slider is a jQuery slider that makes it easy to insert a simple slideshow, or implement multiple rotating ad zones, on a webpage. Because it is highly-customizable, you are in complete control of what shows on the slider, what shows on your promotion pages and how it all works.

Content Slider by SlideDeck


The SlideDeck WordPress slider plugin allows you to easily create a content slider widget or slideshow on your WordPress blog without having to write any code.

DM Albums


New in version 2.4: Support for drag-n-drop photo sorting directly through the WordPress editor, as well as the ability to add photo links to the the main photo. (This functionality is buggy in IE8, but works in all other major browsers. We are working on a solution to offer full support for IE8.)

TheThe Image Slider


TheThe Image Slider is a WordPress plug-in that provides you with one of the most powerful, the most creative and the most versatile of image sliders built using jQuery.

Easing Slider


The Easing Slider comes with various options that allow you to choose different sources to get the images from and also multiple styling options so that you”ll never have to edit any files directly & with ease. Create your own unique elegant slider.

WordPress Gallery Plugin


WordPress Gallery Plugin makes it as easy as it could possibly be to create gorgeous sliders for your WordPress powered site. Forget nasty custom fields and image URLs.

The Piecemaker 2


The Piecemaker 2 WordPress Plugin is the perfect way to dynamically display your images, videos and .swf files on any post or page.

WordPress Flash Page Flip


You Can Install and Configure the plugin in a few Steps Install the plugin Create a First level page(Ex.: Page Flips) Select this first level page in “Settings” page of the plugin Upload the Flash Page flip files directly from url(http://www.flashpageflip.com/FreeFPF.asp) or from your computer(is Easy take a few seconds)

Gallery Objects


WordPress Gallery Objects is a highly customizable Gallery Plugin for your WordPress site. This plugin was designed to incorporate jQuery flash-like gallery scripts developed by multiple different developers with varying styles and configurations.

NextGen Cooliris Gallery


Features at a glance: Shortcode for embedding into posts/pages PHP function for templating/theming Does albums, galleries, or latest pictures Supports Nextgen Gallery media-rss.php and its options Basic Cooliris options: Set width and height as well as rows and styling (will include many more in the future

Silverlight Gallery


This Silverlight gallery plugin allows a smooth integration of a photo album / gallery in your WordPress site. It provides an easy and effective way to expose your photos or images without compromising the Layout and Look and Feel of your site. The administration section will offer you some parameters to customize the presentation.


[PSD] A simplistic image slider


An image slider that could be used to display a slideshow of pictures.

Image Slider


A nifty not-so-little image slider. If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll notice a standard version of the navigational arrows have been posted on here previously. Anyways, enjoy!

A striking image Slider


Hi fellow designers, thank you for downloading from pixelsdaily.com. To celebrate 1000 downloads of my freebies here is a striking image slider. If you use it, drop me a message. I would love to see how you implement into your website.

[PSD] Fancy slider + toggles


Not just any progress bar slider toggle thing, a PixelsDaily progress bar slider toggle thing.

Clean featured videos widget design


Clean video widget design featuring 3 videos with the ability to show more trough the arrows in the right part. Feel free to experiment with it, improve it, use it and so on and so forth.

[PSD] Elegant slider


Simple slider, inspired by Apple’s iphone user interface.



A couple of clean and rather large sliders with a smooth feel to them for you all to download. Slide away!

Clean & Simple Image Slider (PSD)


The image slider would make a great addition to perhaps a portfolio or indeed any site which could make use of a gallery. The download includes the editable PSD for your own customisations. Click the image below to view the full size preview.

Image Slider Controls (PSD)


Today’s set of image slider controls are sweet, simple but still every bit useful. If you’re looking to create a self contained’ slider then overlaying the controls is a good idea.

Simple Thumbnail Carousel (PSD)


Today’s freebie is a super awesome thumbnail slider or carousel if you prefer. Slip your images in, add a description and let your users scroll through your work.

Album Cover Art Carousel (PSD)


Album covers + carousel = instant win. Today’s freebies is exactly that, a set of album covers within a carousel or slider. Yes, I listen to Kris Kross occasionally.

Slider Interface & Metal Handle (PSD)


Sliders have become increasingly popular in web design and today’s freebie should help you to create you own. While a relatively simple element, the impact can be huge.

5 jQuery Image Slider Skins


This collection contains 5 unique, individually designed œskins (or themes) for the Nivo Slider jQuery plug in. With these skins, you can easily give your website a fresh, unique edge, without needing to know how to code. And for more professional users, these would also be suitable for client projects, and include the PSD source file for edits.

Featured Content Shelves


Putting your best content forward is no easy task on websites with a lot of articles and other types of content. These 10 featured content shelves’ should make it easier for you to showcase your best content! Two PSD files include all 10 sliders and layers are grouped and named for easy editing. All 10 featured content shelves’ have a width of 960px.

Featured Content Web Sliders


Putting your best content forward is no easy task on websites with a lot of articles and other types of content. These 7 featured content sliders’ should make it easier for you to showcase your best content! The PSD file includes all 7 sliders and layers are grouped and named for easy editing. All 7 featured content sliders’ have a width of 960px and a pattern file used in the design is also included in the zip.

Horizontal Accordion Slider Free PSD


Download Horizontal Accordion Slider Free PSD. Featured content sliders are hugely popular in modern web design. Today’s freebie is a fully editable PSD of a horizontal accordion (or slider) interface.

Numeric Slider (PSD)


The Numeric Slider comes in a layered & editable PSD and is completely free for you to use however you wish!




Image Frames


Image Frames

Photo.Dark Slider


Photo.Dark Slider

Modern Web Slider


Modern Web Slider

Dark Slider with Featured Ribbon


Dark Slider with Featured Ribbon

Dark Slider


Dark Slider

Simple Slider


Simple Slider

Album Cover Carousel


Album Cover Carousel

Testimonial Slider (Freebie)


Today’s Freebie is a simple testimonial slideshow to represent the confidence of your customers.




Tabbed Slider!


A simple tabbed slider that can be customized pretty easy with simple CSS.

Business Pro Blogger


Business Pro Blogger

Wood SLider


Wood SLider

Hompage slider


Homepage slider allows to catch attention new visitors and prompt them to look through your website more carefully. The slider can be very useful for e-commercial websites. You can showcase you product/services or promote some of your offers. Archive includes organized and layered PSD file. You are free to use it for commercial purposes.

Product slider (Free PSD)


This is products slider with 3D boxes, buttons, price and navigation tabs. The slider can be very useful for e-commercial websites, which sell software or provide digital services and also for hosting companies. Archive includes organized and layered PSD file. You are free to use it for commercial purposes.

Five slides as presentation tour (Free PSD)


Need to cerate a tour for a product or service? Take a look this one. This is a cycled five slides. The PSD file has a good structure. If you’d like to change a background color you can to do that by two clicks.

Testimonials slider (Free PSD)


Need to demonstrate the confidence of customers? What about small and stylish slider? Download this one. An avatar placeholder and tabs already included.




Simple Image Slider


Simple Image Slider

Image Slider


Image Slider




Web Slider with shadow


This is a web slider 800x—600 pixel dimension … with realistic shadows …

Simple Slider


I was working on a design for a friend and created this little slider for him. People liked the little buttons on the bottom, so thought I would offer it to people who want it.

contentizzle sliderizzle


contentizzle sliderizzle

Web Slider Display


Web Slider Display

Stylish content slider


Stylish content slider

Dark Slide


Dark Slide

Church Website Layout


Church Website Layout



This is a rad vector of a LCD TV. It makes a great frame for a video or photo slider.

Dark photo slider


Hello. Two psd versions (825px and 385px). Titled and grouped layers.

Arrow Buttons


Arrow Buttons

Clean slider


Clean slider

Light Slider


Light Slider

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