Kelpt Font Family, 54 Sans-Serif Fonts, OTF & TTF Files

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Professional Sans-Serif Font Family

Today we’ve brought you a deal for the complete Kelpt font family, an extra large super family of 54 fonts! It features a sans-serif design with rounded corners and an abundance of contrast, styles, weights.

Delivered in TTF & OTF file formats, this clean & modern was designed with unusual stylistic features to give it a special and unique touch.

The complete Kelpt type family includes 9 weights with matching true italics and X-Height (A1-A3) versions for each of them all in all 54 fonts for a multifunctional usage, especially for cooperative work, such as website, magazine, editorial, publishing , as well as packaging.

Regularly, these fonts go for $55 each! You can also purchase the complete family for $160, but why would you do that? Get the entire font family with this deal for just $21!


You Will Receive:

  • The complete Kelpt font family
  • 54 fonts total
  • OTF & TTF file formats
  • 9 weights
  • Weights range from thin through bold to black
  • Each weight has matching true italics
  • Commercial use

Full Listing Of Fonts & Weights

  • Kelpt A1 Thin
  • Kelpt A1 Thin Italic
  • Kelpt A1 Extra Light
  • Kelpt A1 Extra Light Italic
  • Kelpt A1 Light
  • Kelpt A1 Light Italic
  • Kelpt A1 Semi Light
  • Kelpt A1 Semi Light Italic
  • Kelpt A1 Regular
  • Kelpt A1 Italic
  • Kelpt A1 Medium
  • Kelpt A1 Medium Italic
  • Kelpt A1 Bold
  • Kelpt A1 Bold Italic
  • Kelpt A1 Extra Bold
  • Kelpt A1 Extra Bold Italic
  • Kelpt A1 Black
  • Kelpt A1 Black Italic
  • Kelpt A2 Thin
  • Kelpt A2 Thin Italic
  • Kelpt A2 Extra Light
  • Kelpt A2 Extra Light Italic
  • Kelpt A2 Light
  • Kelpt A2 Light Italic
  • Kelpt A2 Semi Light
  • Kelpt A2 Semi Light Italic
  • Kelpt A2 Regular
  • Kelpt A2 Italic
  • Kelpt A2 Medium
  • Kelpt A2 Medium Italic
  • Kelpt A2 Bold
  • Kelpt A2 Bold Italic
  • Kelpt A2 Extra Bold
  • Kelpt A2 Extra Bold Italic
  • Kelpt A2 Black
  • Kelpt A2 Black Italic
  • Kelpt A3 Thin
  • Kelpt A3 Thin Italic
  • Kelpt A3 Extra Light
  • Kelpt A3 Extra Light Italic
  • Kelpt A3 Light
  • Kelpt A3 Light Italic
  • Kelpt A3 Semi Light
  • Kelpt A3 Semi Light Italic
  • Kelpt A3 Regular
  • Kelpt A3 Italic
  • Kelpt A3 Medium
  • Kelpt A3 Medium Italic
  • Kelpt A3 Bold
  • Kelpt A3 Bold Italic
  • Kelpt A3 Extra Bold
  • Kelpt A3 Extra Bold Italic
  • Kelpt A3 Black
  • Kelpt A3 Black Italic


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