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Quick Tip: Using Kuler to work with color groups in Photoshop

kuler00 When people begin to work in the graphic design business, it’s usual to see them getting lost at the moment of picking a color palette that fits their client’s needs and they end up copying a palette for some random design website. That’s why we like to recommend you the Kuler panel, which is a Photoshop extension that allows people to access to several color themes created by an online professional community of designers, you can enter to the portal to download additional themes and upload your own designs, the only thing you need is an Adobe account.

To find the Kuler panel you need to look for it at Window>Extensions>Kuler.


Now we will help you familiarize with Kuler, the panel consists of 3 basic menus, the about section, browse and create panel. About displays the main information regarding Kuler.


The browse panel is the place where you will find all the color themes made by the community, you can arrange them by popularity and time.


If you select a color theme, you will see a triangle icon that you can click to access a little menu where you can start editing the theme, visualize it online or add it to your color swatches.


You can also use the search bar to look for a specific theme that you want to select. If you decide to edit a color theme, you will be switched to the create panel.


You can edit the theme using several color rules, including monochromatic, shades and more. Then when you are done editing, you can either save the theme or upload it to the Kuler portal and share it with the community.


Kuler is a great tool to find professional color themes and implement them within your designs, for those who are just starting on the business, this will be a great way to educate their eyes in order to become professionals and start sending customized color themes to the Kuler portal.

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