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Laura Kalbag

Laura is a quality-focused designer, greatly skilled in typography and web fonts, color theory, layout and information architecture. She does HTML and web development as well since she thinks that having a strong knowledge of the latter helps design processes and abilities as it allows a realistic perception of possibilities and restrictions. She prefers doing small projects in order to keep their quality always under control. As we said, quality is her premise, and that’s something that has definitely stood out on her work.

At her blog, she shares many experiences of her freelance job, making emphasis in quality and some interesting points of view, even against the mainstream. She sees that some popular practices may threaten quality and accessibility, as she asserts in Grid Frameworks and why I’m not keen on them…, which is an aftermath of her previous article for 12 devs of xmas, Day 7: Grid Frameworks.

Laura also enjoys sharing what she learns, and a proof of this is a post she made for Ubelly, A Practical Guide to Designing with Data, a review of the guide of the same name written by Brian Suda. She expresses her points of view to the descriptions and reasons why charts are used to present facts relying on data and how the various types of charts and graphs should be used depending on the input data.

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