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Lea Verou

Her real name is almost unpronounceable by real people, unless you want to summon some unspeakable horror from beyond, so she goes by Lea Verou most of the time. Her talents lie within web development and design and her passion for open web standards landed her a job with W3C, which is the organization that creates and enforces industry web standards.

Thanks to Greece’s educational system she is able to pursue a career as developer and open web standards advocate while at the same time study computer science at the Athens University. She also has developed an enormous number of tools and libraries for web development that she shares through her blog.

In between studying, web development, and her job with W3C she also writes several articles for different web publications and her own blog. Particularly important are the Top 8 web standard myths debunked with which she explains and exposes several popular beliefs regarding web standards that hinder progress in the medium and Every time you call a proprietary feature css3 a kitten dies, which, despite the silly title, is actually a deadly serious article exposing some shady practices companies use to promote proprietary features as CSS3 and standards compliant, when they are not.

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