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Get lifetime access to Feedify, a comprehensive marketing tool used by over 4000 businesses which provides a host of tools that excel at supercharging a website’s user & customer engagement with push notifications to turn visitors into subscribers, exit intent to prevent visitor fall outs, special offer & newsletter campaigns to keep the visitor hooked, after-sales testimonials to boost website’s user engagement & credibility, and much more!.

Make your website smarter with these tools loaded with algorithms & rich analytics that help with customer acquisition, reduce bounce rates and achieving marketing automation. Today, you can get access to all of these great features forever for just $59, or, if you’re not ready to commit, you can also purchase a 1 year access pass for just $39. This kind of access would cost upwards $3000 any other day! So what are you waiting for? This promo will only last 30 days, start boosting your revenue with Feedify today!.

Feedify’s Rising Star Plan Includes:

  • Push notifications to turn visitors into subscribers
  • Exit intent to prevent visitor fall outs
  • Offer campaigns to keep the visitor hooked
  • After sales testimonials to boost website’s credibility
  • Newsletters
  • Analytics
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Schedule push notifications
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Notifications
  • Unlimited pageviews
  • Responsive templates
  • Schedule push notifications
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Campaign auto responder
  • Pay once, use forever!

With Feedify You Can:

Use Push Notifications

Just send in a push targeting your visitors based on their on-site activity and you are good to go. It acts like a personalized message targeting to the specific customer and makes them feel valued. What more? You can add direct action buttons with links to direct the subscriber to the next action, anytime you like!

Send Targeted Push Messages To Customers Even When They Are Not On The Website

Speak Directly To Your Subscribers

One on one with personalized, targeted, and result oriented push notifications

Get Visitor Feedback. Feedify offers an omnipotent feedback solution for all the visitors’ feedback with a tray that compartmentalizes Feedbacks for you- giving a sophisticated touch to the process. The responses reach the concerned department and you are good to go!

Surveys to do proper product improvement research. Create a survey pop up that eases the process of getting answers from people who matter, without having them open a new tab!

Offer Campaigns to boost your sales with attractive, interactive & strategically targeted Offer Pop-ups! Choose from a range of designs and layouts or create one on your own that matches your campaign needs. Create a campaign layout for a campaign of any choice. Collect Emails, basic personal details, offer coupon codes, integrate action buttons or simply inform. Possibilities are endless with Feedify!

After Sales Reviews and Ratings: Completed a sale? Want to know how it went? Automate the whole Procedure with Feedify’s ‘After Sales Feedback’. Send a message right in the mailbox of the customer and know how you did!


All events can be narrowed via browser, device, country, time zone, scroll, stay time, end date, visitor type etc. Thus humanizing your website.


Every tool comes loaded with smart algorithms & rich analytics to make your website your smartest marketer!

Get your plan today and start reaping the benefits of smarter marketing & customer engagement with Feedify!

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