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Instantly set up high-level roadmaps on Kanban Boards with broken down tasks using this lightweight planning app! Share with your team in the Cloud, and even break tasks down further with To-dos. Featuring a beautifully designed interface, you’ll find the planning and coordination process for your and your team’s tasks to be as engaging as it is fun, helping you keep focus and turning it into an enjoyable experience.

From top to micro level, Timelinr will help you plan better. Timelinr gives you both a unique look at the high-level view of what needs to get done and who’s responsible for doing it, as well as the granular card-based view you know and love.

Normally this subscription would cost you over $1080, so grab your coupon for a single user lifetime access for just $37, or 2 users for $49 and enjoy a discount of over 97% on the regular price!


So, what do you get? Take a look!

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  • Get lifetime access to Timelinr for 1 to 2 users.
  • Easily create high-level roadmaps. Plan on a timeline. See everything.
  • Plan out all of your tasks and resources on one colorful timeline.
  • A design first, tech first product built on a strong foundation of the latest technologies.
  • Kanban Boards – sprint planning tools and roadmap planning tools combined in 1 application.
  • Everything you need to manage your project all in the cloud.
  • Beautiful and intuitive interface.
  • SimultaneousCollab – share timelines and boards with your team in real time.
  • Multi-views – see high level view of tasks and responsibilities, as well as granular card based views.


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