Lifetime Access To Odus: Chatbots Builder For Sales & Support, Zero Coding Required!

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Introducing Odus AI: a SaaS AI platform for automation of support calls & messages, this is the conversational AI-based chatbot platform that anyone can easily make use of to boost sales, generate leads & reduce time spent taking care of support tickets, all in one fell swoop

Odus delivers a complete solution: an intuitive & non-programming interface -forget about buttons & linear scripts- your own AI engine, intuitive dialogue builder, Zapier integration, chatbots in over 28 languages, website widgets, connect to Facebook, Telegram, connection to WhatsApp business API, Viber, create voice chatbots, live chat with unlimited operator seats & much more!

“We see the goal of Odus as providing extensive support for our users to help them implement customer service that can easily be converted to further sales.”

This Odus special deal includes all current features, future updates and new features that will appear for the Odus Business Plan tariff. Support is carried out on a general basis without restrictions. This deal is a no brainer, get lifetime access to Odus today, no monthly subscriptions, for just $49!

In Short, You Will Receive:

  • Lifetime access, pay once – use forever!
  • The intuitive Dialogue Builder
  • Your own unique AI engine
  • No coding required
  • Multilingual assistants (28 languages, incl. Mandarin Chinese & Hebrew)
  • Shortcodes for personalization
  • User segmentation
  • Training of bots to be smarter based on history of communication
  • Bot templates & plugins
  • Flexible switch to live chat operators based on your rules
  • Broadcasts (incl. scheduling)
  • Most popular messengers to be connected: FB Messenger, Whatsapp Business API, Telegram, Viber, Text messages
  • Web widget & an adjustable landing page
  • VoIP via Voximplant & Twillio
  • Zapier integration
  • Google sheets integration
  • Your own WebHooks
  • Analytics of scenarios, conversions, and dialogues.
  • Lead Forms
  • SMS notifications
  • Rich messages
  • Flexible management of support team, incl. assigning roles and switching admins
  • Online video tutorials
  • Responsive facebook community with fast support (400+ members)

Odus Features


Dialogue Builder Interface


History, People & Settings

The Odus team has achieved

  • More than 1500 users around the world are exploring the platform and building bots now.
  • More than 4500 neural networks created by our users for their bots.
  • We have several customized user cases with corporate clients. Recently one of the top 10 largest Russian banks is using Odus’ chatbots for its 24/7 client support in Whatsapp and Telegram. Nine support operators from the bank work daily to train the bot.
  • We are members of Microsoft For Startups program.
  • Winner of AI Track Accelerator by MIPT University from Russia.

With Odus You’re Getting:

Your own AI engine

Teach your bot to communicate like a human! Forget about buttons and linear scripts.

Unlimited assistants

Create chatbots and experiment without restrictions.

100,000 user messages per month

The number of messages from users per month for all bots together.

300 training requests per month

Each new version of your bot’s neural network should be trained.

No Label

Without our logo in your chat widget and Landing bot widget for websites.

Multilingual assistants

Create chatbots in any of 28 languages.

Unlimited Broadcasts & Sequences

Connect with customers without limits.

Website Widget

Your own widget with color settings.

Landing Bot

Chat module or chat page for your website.

Facebook Messenger

Connecting to the instant messenger

WhatsApp Business API

The connection via WhatsApp Business API. You should get permission by yourself.


Connecting to the instant messenger


Connecting to the instant messenger

VoIP (Voice bots)

Voice Calls connection via Voximplant.com or Twilio.com.

Text messages

Connecting to the SMS channel

Live Chat & unlimited operator seats

Connect live operators without restrictions.

Unlimited team members & admins

Work as a team.

Bot Templates

Create assistants in a couple of clicks. Simple bot templates and plugins.


Powerful detailed analytics of scenarios, conversions, and dialogues.

User segmentation

Personalize communication with your customers.

Zapier WebHooks

1000+ Integrations by Zapier!

Google Sheets integration

Connect your Google Sheets or create a new automatically.

Your own WebHooks

Connect your own software.

Deal Terms:

  • This is a SaaS product.
  • This product is for a lifetime.
  • For support queries related to the platform, email at support@odus.ai.
  • You need to redeem the coupon code within 7 days of purchase.

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