Lifetime Ai ChatSuite-Enhance Your Customer Support & Enjoy Full CRM Features

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Imagine a world where your customer inquiries are handled instantly, accurately, and seamlessly. With the Aichatsuite lifetime subscription, you can enjoy a tool designed to streamline and automate your customer support processes. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Aichatsuite provides intelligent responses around the clock.

Aichatsuite allows you to create your customized chat widget, design and customize your chat widget to perfectly match your brand identity. Set personalized prompts to engage your website visitors effectively.

Additionally, you can add trained data with ease mport the data relevant to your business effortlessly. Whether it’s scraping information from your website or importing a text file, AIChatSuite makes it simple to add the trained data your AI needs to understand your products or services accurately.

Also, Aichatsuite integrates seamlessly to your website, embed the chat widget directly onto your website or share the direct link to your knowledge base. With easy integration options, you can have your AI-powered support system up and running in no time, providing instant assistance to your customers whenever they need it.

In this One Payment deal we offer two plans, for unlimited websites at 99$ and one website use at 49$ AiChatSuite regulary cost $197

You will Receive

  • Intelligent query responses
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base Generator
  • Easy AI Powered ChatBots Integration
  • Ready AI Powered Support Pages
  • Unlimited ChatBots tailored to different aspects of your business
  • Customize Widget, customizable options for colors, themes, and branding
  • Real-Time Stats and Insights, track chat queries and responses to understand customer behavior
  • Add Your Team Members, collaborate seamlessly by adding team members to AIChatSuite

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