Lifetime Forms Builder Plugin for WordPress – Create Simple & Complex Surveys, Receive Feedback & More

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Get lifetime access to Kaliforms, a complete form builder plugin for WordPress that will enable you to create simple and complex contact forms, surveys, feedback forms & more in record time!

Kaliforms comes jam packed with features that you’ll love – zero coding drag & drop interface, advanced form fields, conditional logic, file upload, built-in reCAPTCHA integration & more! This deal offers you a choice of 3 different lifetime plans to fit your needs: Freelancer plan, Small Business plan and Agency plan to use Kaliforms on unlimited websites!

Regularly this awesome tool would be priced $89, however with this exclusive deal you can get your choice of lifetime plan starting at $19!

You Will Receive:

  • Lifetime access to your choice of Kaliforms plan
  • Freelancer plan – 3 websites
  • Small business plan – 15 websites
  • Agency plan – Unlimited websites

Every Plan Includes

  • Zero coding – drag & drop builder
  • Unlimited forms
  • Advanced fields
  • Conditional logic
  • Multi-page forms – group fields in separate pages
  • Submissions handling
  • Form notifications
  • Add file upload to forms
  • Built-in reCAPTCHA integration to avoid spam
  • Akismet integration
  • Predesigned form templates
  • Form calculator
  • PayPal integration
  • Email notifications

Features & Details

Integrated Drag & Drop builder

Kali Forms provides a powerful, yet easy to use builder that will allow you to build your form layout in minutes. Requiring coding skills for adjusting the layout is a thing of the past, you can make your desired changes with simple mouse actions.

Form templates

Creating your first form is not always easy, you need to figure out what fields to use, how to structure your form so that users can easily complete the submission, this all takes quite a bit of time. In order to help you save precious development time we provide multiple form templates that will generate the entire form with just a few simple clicks. Fields, notifications, layout… all your form needs to start working will be provided by importing an example template from the selection available.

Predefined styles

Along with templates we also provide several style packages that can be used to better integrate your forms in your site design.

Form notifications

Like all site owners you would like to receive a notification each time your form is submitted. This is where the Form notifications come into play, after configuring your notifications an email will be triggered each time a submission is made. You can start adding a new notification through their wizard, all your need to do is anwer 4 simple questions and Kali Forms will do the rest for you.

The information submitted through the form can be included in the notifications with the help of field placeholders. You can access the full list of available placeholders for your current form through the <> button displayed in the notification configuration. You also have a search option available in case you are building very long forms, this will allow you to locate the correct placeholder without needing to browser through the entire field list.

Prevent SPAM submissions

We all agree that SPAM is bad, this is why we provide several solutions to help prevent SPAM submissions through your forms: Akismet, reCAPTCHA and Honeypot.

Conditional logic

If you want to create dynamic forms that will improve the user experience when submitting your forms, make use of the Conditional logic feature and only display the fields that match the users interest.

Form calculator

One Kaliform’s most unique features is the Form Calculator, with this you can easily build forms that advertise your products or services and also calculate the total amount users would need to pay for them.

You can write the calculations manually in the Calculator using the field names as a reference to the appropriate values.

We also provide a Math Helper feature that will simplify the calculations creation process, just select the type of calculation you want to perform, where will the result be displayed, the fields that will be included and you are done.

Field Presets

This is a very useful feature if you need to include a long list of options for your users in your forms, for example a countries dropdown list. Instead of having to enter each country by hand, just select the Countries category from the Presets options and a full list items will be generated for your field.

Kaliform’s Dashboard

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