Lifetime Website Uptime & SSL Certificate Monitoring, Up To 10 Websites!

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Uptime & SSL Certificate Monitoring

Be the first to know when your websites are down with lifetime access to DownNotifier.com, the service that will constantly monitor your websites for outage or other errors!

With this deal you can pay once & use forver; you’ll have access to the premium package that offers 1 minute monitoring intervals for fast notifications so you can take actions immediately, you can configure multiple recipients for the monitoring alerts, as well as SSL certificates expiration & correct configuration monitoring. You will never be too late to renew your SSL certificate again!

This limited time offer gets you lifetime access to Downnotifier.com for just $49, so what are you waiting for? Get your peace of mind back today!

You Will Get:

  • Lifetime access, pay once, use forever
  • Monitor up to 10 websites
  • 1 minute monitoring interval
  • Alerts for your colleagues – multiple recipients per monitor
  • Supports username & password
  • Supports SSL & HTTPS
  • Extended reports
  • Unlimited history
  • Configure alert limits
  • Monitor on specific text
  • Compare your uptime with others

Frequently asked questions

What is counted as down?

Besides connection errors, any HTTP status code above 399 (or under 200) is considered as down. So, with a 500 error or 404 error, a down notification will be sent.

Is SSL / HTTPS supported?

Yes, of course. Make sure you enter the URL including https:// when you add your monitor.

Is username / password supported?

Yes, enter the URL as: http://username:password@www.mydomain.com

Please note that passwords are not stored encrypted and visible when you edit the monitor in our control panel.

Can I whitelist DownNotifier.com in my firewall?

Please go to our whitelist page for whitelisting options: https://www.downnotifier.com/list/ips

Does the monitoring affect my analytics / statistics?

The monitoring does not affect tools which use JavaScript or pixel tracking, like Google Analytics. In case your tool uses server logs, DownNotifier.com may be included in the statistics.

Make sure to check out DownNotifier’s terms here https://www.downnotifier.com/pages/terms


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