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CMS without database: Stacey

As web developers, we’re always looking for new and better Content Manage Systems to help us in our work by optimizing time and simplifying things. Although WordPress, Joomla and others are the most popular systems, there are tons of different CMS with great properties that can easily serve you as well as the others.

This day we want to talk a little bit about Stacey, a lightweight CMS with the awesome property that does not require a database setup or installation files, you only have to drop the application on a server and voilà.


With Stacey all your content is managed by creating folders and editing text files, this means no login screens nor admin interface. To install Stacey you only have to login to your FTP, then copy all the files from Stacey’s folder into the web directory on your server and finally you’ll have to browse into the /app folder and switch the permissions on the _cache folder to 777. If something goes wrong you can always visit the Stacey support forums for help.


Stacy functions under two main principles: Separating textual content and assets from your HTML  and keeping ugly PHP-style logic out of your templates. Stacey features a simple templating language and partial system that gives you complete control over every piece of markup that is generated.

There are many other things to talk about Stacey but the original documentation is already out there to give you all the information on how to take advantage of this remarkable CMS, inside the documentation and the site in general you will find among others:

  • Installation instructions
  • Content
  • Installing templates
  • RSS / Atom support
  • List of current sites working with Stacey
  • Complete documentation
  • News and Updates
  • Support

Original link: Stacey

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