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Manoela Ilic

Known as Mary Lou, Manoela Ilic has achieved recognition in the web design and programming industry by creating fantastic pieces of code, mainly in CSS and HTML. She is one of the lucky few who have the web trifecta: knows about designing, coding, and writing. This allows her to code gorgeous menus, buttons, page transitions, sliders and many more elements that look stunning with incredible ease, and then write about them to let people know how she made them.

Back in 2009 she co-founded Codrops, a web development blog that publishes web design, programming and usability articles and tutorials. The team there is dedicated to providing useful and qualitative content, free of charge. But although she calls Codrops her “playground”, she has also written interesting papers on Dynamic user profiles for collaborative filtering, enhancing recommendations using answer-set programming, and dynamic user preferences for recommender systems using well-founded semantics.

She is a freelance web designer and developer that loves interaction design, who has a degree in Cognitive Science and Computational Logic. She has written over 320 articles about design, always with a touch of development. She also writes about menu effects, styling, preloaders, navigation, sliders, loading effects, forms, galleries and lots of other web tricks that have solved the problems of thousands of web designers all over the world.

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