Massive 3D Scene Creator With 885 HD Objects in 1575 Positions. Premade Scenes Included!

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Introducing Dazzle, a one of a kind scene creator with a massive library of 885 Objects from 30 diverse categories, with 1575 possible positions. Includes 29 premade scenes, 32 HD backgrounds, and 6 HD metallic foil textures for you to go crazy with. Fully equipped with Smart Objects, and HD Objects that look razor sharp, and crop/zoom seamlessly, looking flawless on all screens types. This massive scene creator features a huge number of picture-perfect object mockups and smart objects with loads of customization options, which allows you to create your own amazing presentation scenes for branding projects, product mockups, web, apps, banners, covers, hero header images, galleries & so much more instantly. With this awesome pack, the possibilities are truly endless!


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  • 885 Objects in 1575 Positions
  • 30 Object Categories: A heterogeneous collection of no less than 30 categories that span to cover all kinds of design projects.
  • 29 Pre-Made Scenes: A selection of 29 magnificent pre-designed scenes to give you a head start. Each of these can be personalized instantly by adding object, designs & more.
  • 32 Ultra HD Backgrounds: A huge variety of stunning backgrounds in crisp ultra-high quality 4k resolution.
  • 6 Ultra HD Metal Foil Textures: Give a metallic finish to your objects with this shiny assortment of foil textures, also in extreme 4k quality.
  • Customizable Smart Objects: Replace your designs on the fly with easy to use Smart Objects.
  • Ultra High Resolution Objects: Razor sharp objects that crop/zoom seamlessly and look flawless on all screens types.
  • Multiple Components for Various Objects: Quite a few of our objects feature replaceable components such as bag handles, candle flame/smoke effects & a lot more.
  • Well Organized PSD File Structure: PSD files for every object is a breeze to work with, each layer is beautifully structured and organized.
  • The download file consists of a PDF file from the author, containing several Links about 2GB heavy with the assets included in this awesome promo.

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