Material Design

(5 submissions) | Aug 11, 2017

  • A neat free online tool by threebu that allows you to create random three-color material design palettes just with a click. Watch your palette in multiple templates, share or download your favorite palette. Features text previews as well circular solid fill, vertical stripes and Card templates.

  • An interactive tool to create, share, and apply color palettes to your UI, as well as measure the accessibility level of any color combination.

  • A collection of tools for different purposes, mainly related to design and development. It includes tools for managing colors, creating prototypes, implementing fonts, icons, images, code, patterns, and many more tools for creating great websites.

  • Webflow is a web tool for adding interactions and animations for your website without the need of code. It is flexible, mobile, cross-browser (works on every browser), and the best of all, no code required.

  • Material Design is a unified system that lets you explore, learn and experiment with Material guidelines, resources, icons, and tools. It also has a cool gallery with examples that you can modify.

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