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Matt Wilcox

This English guy is passionate about Web design and development; he has been working on this field for about 8 years and has focused his work on front-end coding, as well as design. His website ran for about ten years, was retired and archived as now Matt wants to update it applying the new front-end technologies and techniques. He used to write interesting posts about web development and more recently, about responsive design, it is here where one of his works starts calling our attention, we’re talking about Adaptive Images.

Such approach looks to improve the fluency and performance of images on a website in the context of responsive web design. The idea is to adapt these images to the screen size by creating caches and rescaling these versions without making changes to existing markup. This approach is great for an accurate display of a website in smaller devices which also use low bandwidth, enhancing UX and becoming more attractive for new visitors, while keeping the existing ones.

In addition, Matt expands his idea with a comprehensive article for 24 Ways where he highlights the benefits of this technique and also clarifies the whole concept by identifying the constraints that it has so far.

An example on how Adaptive images works by displaying lighter images as the resolution decreases.

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