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Matteo Spinelli

Matteo Spinelli was born in Florence, Italy and graduated in Advertising Design and Photography at the Art Institute of Florence; he grew up surrounded by an artistic environment since his father is a painter. As time passed he started getting impressed by the advancements of technology while getting used to personal computers, and as a result he decided to study C, C++ and Assembly, looking to become a game developer. Nowadays, his career spans over 10 years of PHP application development and 6 of Javascript; not only does he take care of the code he writes but he also gives nice finishes to the projects he produces thanks to his Photoshop skills.

Spinelli is an avid developer for web apps suitable for mobile devices, trying to push the limits of what can be accomplished in HTML5/CSS3. He is well know in the development community for the iScroll. probably the first full featured javascript scrolling library, initiated in 2008 and still under continous development.

He strives to be in the forefront of the latest web technologies, willing to find new and fun applications to them, concerning to keep performance in the aforementioned mobile devices. An example of this is Hexagame, a game planned as a native application for the iPad but instead developed in HTML5 for a cross-platform experience.

Matteo is fond as well of the capabilities JavaScript has provided to enhance the user experience and guides readers on how to exploit the most of their devices, from changing the reflections on knobs depending on the device orientation to dynamic 3D text that adjusts to the pointer position.

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