Minimal PSD GUI

(47 submissions) | Apr 25, 2017

Awesome minimalist GUIs created PSD format.

  • Interica is a Website Theme designed and developed by Valery Gurkov with beautiful and astonishing visuals that screams sophistication and professionalism. Projecting its original purpose as an Interior Design Theme, it features a meticulously clean layered structure with editable vector constructs, customizable google fonts and more. In the download archive, you’ll find a neatly organized PSD File and 9 high-quality png Images along with the Roboto and Roboto Slab Fonts. 

  • A large UI kit completely free for Commercial and Personal use, it contains 82 screens, 1000 UI elements, and 6 categories. Photoshop sources included!

  • A set of 150 colored elements for a GUI design in a minimal style. The pack, beautifully designed, has elements ranging from buttons to full menus, including ample white spaces, and a basic wireframe-like appearance. The elements are fully editable and free.

  • A responsive template for a user interface made in PSD format in a minimal style. The template includes editable vector elements like buttons, user bubbles, backgrounds, radio buttons and more, all of them in multiple resolutions.

  • A clean and carefully designed Mobile based UI Kit ideal for web apps and social media interfaces. Photoshop source files.

  • VISAGE is a carefully crafted, free UI kit for Adobe Photoshop that contains 70 UI components and lets you easily build beautiful websites and unique concepts. It features 7 categories for easy access, from popular topics: Blog, E-Commerce, Media, Admin, Forms, Headers, Footers.

  • This bundle includes 2 complete graphic user interfaces, one with a Windows 10 style and the other one with a Material style. The GUI has AI and PSD editable files, and within you’ll find different elements like buttons, menus, sliders, navigation tabs and much more.

  • A user interface for a dashboard made in PSD including elements like bar charts, pie charts, icons and other design elements, it has a flat and sleek design, it is easily customizable and scalable thanks to vectors, and totally grouped and layered.

  • This is a UI kit for pages that includes 35 UI cards. Intended to be used on landing pages it has a minimalistic design and comes in a fully customizable PSD file.

  • Balkan is a UI kit in PSD format, professionally designed to help you create a mobile app faster. It uses Google Fonts, CC0 images (totally free for commercial and personal uses), organized layers, a more than a dozen screen. The template is free and weighs around 56MB.

  • Complete and clean UI kit for e-commerce web pages, contains an extensive variety of useful elements and widget based components. Available in PSD format.

  • A nicely crafted user interface kit for social network interfaces that features all the basic and extra elements for users and administrators.

  • Colorado is a minimal GUI that offers a breath of fresh air, being clean, very basic but appealing and eye-catching at the same time, it is fun, colorful, with a bit of flat and some more of outlined style. It is comprised by over 50 items in three color variations, all built pixel perfect and vector as well.

  • We bring you this Q1.2016 edition of the GoodBarber Open UI Kit with over 150-pixel perfect iOS and Android UI elements. Each screen included in the Sketch file is fully customizable and can be integrated with the GoodBarber app building platform.

  • UI PSD template with 30 elements, perfect for a business portfolio. It includes chat, payment and tasks interfaces among other screens.

  • Complete mobile UI blueprint with a wide array of elements in outlined design including diverse buttons, charts, dialog boxes, text, and calendars, among other.

  • Cake Art Studio brings these edgy and fresh UI elements with an interface full of texture. It includes nav bar, profile, login form, feed and statics pages, it is available in Ai and PSD file format.

  • Focus is a dashboard UI design in PSD file format, in a minimal, modern and flat style featuring analytic graphics and charts.

  • Bplus is a business and consultancy UI PSD that includes home page and 11 inner pages. It is a full-page design, simple and clean with a nice icon usage.

  • Routes is a Flat UI Sample Kit for iOS that includes 12 pixel-perfect screens available in both Sketch and PSD format. It goes well with any restaurant, hotel, online shop websites and others.

  • Flat UI Product cards that will come handy for your online shop so you can always give a minimalistic design to your business. Different designs and colors available. Follow source link and complete form for free download.

  • A UI kit inspired by winter that includes tabs, weather widget, a profile section, a login section, popular destinations widget, video, menus and more.

  • A UI kit in PSD format for Bootstrap 3 that features nice elements with glowy effects in cyan, yellow and green that contrast its smooth dark backgrounds and content.

  • A1 is a gradient-colorful UI kit for android devices crafted in a minimal design featuring 45 screens, 3X Full HD views and over 250 elements including 60 line icons. It weights 160+MB.

  • Azure is a huge, neat, fully layered and customizable PSD UI kit. It includes a template for a website and several widgets. It was created by Yolqin Alimov with a free for personal and commercial use license.

  • A different kind of GUI kit brought to us by Mike Clarke from Dribbble. It makes use of a gentle flat-but-not-so-flat style to give the elements a fresh look, without making them too simplistic or similar to other kits. The set provides items for online shopping, video playback, weather updates and more.

  • A nice company page made with as a mockup of LinkedIn pages. It was created in PSD graphic user interface, composed of menus, icons, profile pic space, widget areas and more. This company page only has a desktop version, it weighs around 33MB and it is free to use in any way.

  • A YouTube Channel graphic user interface made in PSD format, totally and easily editable. This interface includes the most relevant design items you’ll possibly need in order to make an app or a website, and you need to integrate YouTube elements into it. This GUI is free and it weighs almost 44MB.

  • A complete and sleek mockup for Google+, including all of its design elements, totally editable in PSD format. The elements included range from simple ones like icons and buttons, to more complex like complete menus, sharing boxes and more. There are designs for mobile and desktop devices, the file weighs around 45MB and it’s totally free.

  • The Facebook timeline GUI is a complete creation made in PSD format for easy edition. perfect for this social network’s lovers. It works for several mobile and desktop devices, including the relevant design elements for each one, like the icons, profile pic, search boxes, chat avatars, buttons and many more. This GUI is free.

  • A compelling Twitter GUI made in PSD format. It is a complete Twitter user interface including tons of elements like icons for notifications, messages, discover, search, profile pic, drop-down menus, and many more icons that can be used to create or complement great designs.

  • A nice PSD experimental file that includes an iOS app template. It has a colorful minimal style, including screens for different stages of the app like albums, camera, edit, login, people, profile and search. It layers are organized and it is totally editable. This nice creation was made by Virgil Pana.

  • A compelling PSD GUI made with an iOS 8 style, including the sizes for the iPhone 6 Plus. It includes screens for home, messages, inbox, settings, photos, sharing options, and it also includes buttons, switches and more. It was created by Kapil G.

  • A complete modern UI kit with tons of different design components to be used in regular websites, online stores and mobile applications. The kit comes in PSD and PNG, and it includes charts, menus, widgets for maps, clock, select boxes, profile boxes and many more. This is licensed under MIT.

  • The Summer UI kit is a compelling creation consisting of various design elements for summer events-related websites or apps. The UI has the regular buttons, switches, widgets for maps, calendars, profile, login and more. This user interface kit was created by Sergey Azovskiy and you can download it and use it freely.

  • A cool UI made with the Material design guidelines (not quite accurately, though). It includes various design elements and widgets like menu, icons, profile box, weather widget, video and audio player, featured content widget, stats widget and calendar, all in PSD format with editable vectors. It was created by Oliur Rahman and you can download it and use it for free.

  • The Publica kit is a free and complete UI with tons of design elements, a flat design and neutral colors. It is perfect for organizing a complete website, or take parts of it for different types of websites, like one-page designs, portfolios, corporative layouts, blogs, newspapers, magazines and more.

    It was created by Raul Taciu and Vlad Cristea, and it is free so you can download and improve.

  • A beautiful UI kit in PSD using winter as inspiration, it is composed of a weather screen, buttons, checkboxes, navigation bar, a search element, and a video player example among others.

  • An excellent flat user interface made in PSD format with tons of design elements that suit an online store easily. Among the design features you can find there are:

    – Shopping cart products widget
    – Buy now buttons in different colors
    – Regular buttons for various purposes
    – Range sliders
    – Percentage circular sliders
    – Pagination elements
    – Pricing tables
    – Calendar
    – Rounded buttons
    – Active and inactive stars for rating elements

    This UI was created by Johnny J and it is free to download.

  • A beautiful PSD UI kit designed in a set of blue tones. It is a compendium of components such as a search bar, a player, a calendar, a profile card, a log-in form, weather widgets, a bar graphic, and more.

  • Bs. is a small flat User Interface template that you can download and use freely. Among its features it includes pixel perfect design, a fully editable PSD file, 100% vector shapes, organized layers, easy color edition. The fonts includes and used are the Ubuntu Family & Bebas Neue.

  • This is the NEAT UI KIT, a beautiful creation with several design elements with a minimal style and friendly outlined icons. Its components are:

    – Audio player with icons for liking and closing. shuffling, random song, play, rewind, forward and slider.
    – Movie player with the regular slider, play, enlarge and volume buttons.
    – Item card with thumbnail, caption and button.
    – Chart with bars, numbers and labels.
    – Profile cards with thumbnail, followers, following and likes.
    – Login form
    – Calendar
    – Weather widget

    This UI kit was created by Valik Boyev and Natalia Raikova, and its free to download.

  • Here we have a beautiful User Interface with several components in it. Among this elements we can see:

    – Login widget with fields, labels, icons, buttons, sign up and forgot password labels.
    – Video player with play button, volume, time played and left, HD and full-screen buttons, among others.
    – Sliders with a fresh flat style.
    – A widget for a social interactions like notifications, status updates and more.
    – A widget for weather with a beautiful background (for a sunny day). It includes clouds, the sun, icons for the day of the week, and icons for the temperature.
    – A profile widget with thumbnail, bio description, social icons and buttons for friends, notifications, statistics, achievements and settings.
    – Graph widget.
    – Menu and stats.
    – Piechart.
    – BG.

    This UI was created by Dominique Torfs and uploaded to Dribbble.

  • The Breezy UI kit contains a total of 14 widgets built on the 960 grid system and enchanted with the most eye-catching and inspiring colors of summer trends. It comes as a layered PSD file with vectors so it can be modified easily. This freebie was made by uiFest.

  • ​Sally blocks is a set of PSD blocks and elements for responsive pages. Within, you can find blocks with descriptions, features, contacts, portfolio and more that let you quickly construct any kind of landing page. It includes more than 200 components for free.

  • A free PSD set includes loading bars, sliders and radio buttons, checkboxes, switches and drop-down menus. The buttons have diverse states like default, hover and active. Also, this set includes beautiful icons so you can easily make things identifiable, all of them being fully editable, with a design that comes in a flat style with three colors: blue, green and red.

  • A complete set of UI elements created by the people at Designmodo in PSD format. Carrying a stylish flat look, it can make your web project look fresh and simple while providing pretty much all the items you would need to give the development full functionality, at least with the most basic features. The UI is editable 100%

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