82 Magazines Mockups + 41 Scene Creation Items. 3 Perspectives

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Create your Magazines Mockups and Scenes

A complete and extensive collection that includes 82 Unique Magazines Moсkups in 3 Views (Top, Front, and Perspective) and 41 additional Environmental Items (Plants, Tables, Pencils, and more). Fully editable Adobe Photoshop files and endless opportunities for scenes creation, allowing you to develop cool projects presentations. The mockups are classified in 3 design styles (River, Rope and Black & Craft) each of them featuring high-resolution images, replaceable backgrounds, and textures. This bundle has a joint value of $56 USD, but during this special offer you can have it for just $19, a 66% discount of its original price.


82 Photorealistic Magazines Mockups in three different views (Top, Front & Perspective) fully editable Photoshop files
• 41 Unique environmental items for your scenes, including plants, tables, pencils, books and many more
• 24 Premade scenes featuring the three styles in the bundle (River, Rope and Black) and its multiple views
High Resolution 3000×2500 px
• 300 DPI, RGB Color Mode
• Completely separate customized shadows
• Replaceable Background Texture
• Scene Generator in 3 views: Mix and match an unlimited variety of backgrounds, textures and colors
• Changeable Background Color
• Quick Replace Using Smart Objects

What’s inside?

25 Unique Magazines Mockups (rivet)
25 Unique Magazines Mockups (rope)
22 Unique Magazines Mockups (craft & black)
10 Magazine Mockups + 41 Items



Unique Magazines Mockup – Rivet (Back to top)



Unique Magazines Mockup – Rope (Back to top)



Unique Magazines Mockup – Craft and Black (Back to top)




10 Magazine mockups and 41 Items (Back to top)

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