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Promote your products with our highly targeted audience: +270k real opt-in designers, developers & creatives, which in combination with being Sender Score Certified will allow you to reach most users' inboxes getting a high CTR.


Premium Placement on our Newsletter

Take advantage of our weekly industry specific newsletter, our sponsorship includes the following features:

  • Premium positions
  • Open rate above 19.79% and CTR over 2.2%
  • Nice banners: 600x200 px / 80x60px
  • 2 lines of text description below banner image.
  • Direct link to your site in both image and text link.

Here's an example:


Compare our Numbers

Out of +270k users reached with each newsletter issue, approx 30% actually open it. This single fact put us above the average campaigns according to MailChimp email marketing benchmarks research for a dedicated market like ours. Our CTR and pricing is attractive since you'll get more clicks for the small money you invest to fund your campaign compared to other marketing strategies to sponsor your products, Additionally to the clicks you will get, remain users who open it will see your logo, so you will be doing a branding campaign as well.


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