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Nicolas Gallagher

With an education on anthropology and archaeology one can’t help but to wonder what drove Nicolas into web design but as he answers himself on an interesting interview, “it’s an incredibly versatile discipline and you’ll find anthropologists working in practically every setting imaginable” so perhaps it’s not as big a leap as you’d imagine. Whatever the cause, he is currently working at twitter as a software engineer and, in his spare time, writes articles on different front-end development topics.

You’ll find most of his writings have been collected on his blog, which he updates every few months. He explains things with an understanding and thoroughness few other writers can muster; his articles are long and very in depth. Some remarkable posts include his famed guide on CSS pseudo-element hacks and his musings on HTML semantics and front-end architecture.

He’s one of those writers who goes for quality instead of quantity, updating his blog every few months instead of every week or so, but, whenever he does, you can be sure you’ll be reading something meaty and packed with useful knowledge.

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