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Create Notion projects faster than ever with Notion PM, a Notion dashboard template that allows you to create styled, structured projects with more than 30 pages in 3 different styles in one click!

Save time and skip the tedious process of setting up new client projects, streamline your workflow and create new boards in minutes, adapt them to the brief or project specifications, and share a professional project with your clients

With this Notion dashboard template, you have everything you need to manage documents and contacts, plan your projects for the long term, and task management for the short to medium term – it’s fully customizable and includes every asset you’ll need to create professional client projects in no time

In addition to the Notion dashboard template, you will receive an organized assets folder with thumbnails, icons & covers as well as the asset generator for Figma that will allow you to create new icons and covers easily

With this limited time offer you can get this professional Notion dashboard template for just $25!

You Will Receive:

  • Lifetime access to Notion PM
  • Notion dashboard template with 30+ pages
  • One-Click styled project generator
  • 3 different styles
  • Figma file to generate new assets
  • 200+ organized assets
  • Fully customizable to fit your project’s needs
  • All future updates

Each generated project contains:

  • 5 sections (document binder, contacts, stages, roadmap, tasks)
  • more than 30 pages already stylized (a considerable time saving)
  • stages and tasks already linked together
  • different page templates to be used as needed

Notion Dashboard Template – Notion PM

Each project generated with Notion PM includes dashboard templates with:


This database allows you to collect, through a page template, all the documents of the project, indicating the type of document and its status.


The contacts section allows you to catalog the contacts and divide them by category. This database includes 3 page templates.


Stages are a block view of the Roadmap. Each stage indicates a specific area of ​​the project and is composed of a start date, an end date, the relative number of days and the status. Different tasks are associated with each stage.


This section is the center of the project planning. This view is also derived from the Roadmap and is displayed as a timeline. Since the database is the same as the Stages, any changes made here will also be visible there.


In this last part of the dashboard, there is the Kanban board with the tasks inside, which are the most operational part of the project. Each task has a state and is linked to a stage. This database includes 3 page templates.

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