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Off Canvas Mobile Navigation Plugin

This jQuery plugin called Off Canvas Infinity Push allows you to make any desktop navigation accessible from a mobile device. It can locate a menu in several positions, without affecting the rest of the design. The navigation can be:

– Positioned left
– Positioned right
– Responsive (top bar)
– No auto scroll
– No off canvas
– Reset

To use it, you just need to add jQuery (v1.7+); then add the stylesheet ( and include the plugin; finally, call the initializer function of the plugin. If you want to integrate it better on your website, you can modify the stylesheet.

Also, it has several options you can set values to. Among them you can find:

– Off Canvas
– Off canvas Speed
– Opening Speed
– Closing Speed
– Spacing
– Auto Scroll
– Scroll Speed
– Destroy

This plugin is licenced under the MIT license and was created by Marc Andrew.

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