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Oliver Reichenstein

We’d love to introduce Oliver Reichenstein, the German founder and director of iA (Information Architects), an agency that handles web design and consultancy as well as iOS and Mac applications development. He lived in Japan for a long time, where he experienced the handicap of being functionally illiterate as he didn’t speak a single word of Japanese. His very beginning there was quite hard, but at the same time helped him better appreciate the visual signs that the world offered, as they were his only way to communicate with it and, as stated by himself, this made him a better designer.

Let’s take a glance at the responsiveness principles that Oliver evangelizes; Bringing Responsiveness to Apps is a brief and strong writing showing how responsive design has been applied to iA Writer for Mac in order to adapt typographies to different resolutions by changing their font-size. They implemented this solution as a response to some suggestions from users who asked for a font size change feature.

Also, Oliver wrote a useful guide titled Responsive Typography: The Basics, where he tackles step-by-step the principles and features to take into account when dealing with typographies in a responsive design workflow, always having readability as the most important thing to consider as everything should work around it.

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