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Our new project is here: Box of Bundles!

The creative team from the webdesignshock.com family just can’t get enough of pampering web junkies with loads of fresh ready to download freebies available just a click away. That’s why we’ve taken on as our new project, the development/design of an entire website dedicated to the sole and only purpose of bringing you tons of freebies on a regular basis, and now it’s running and ready for you to enjoy!

Boxofbundles.com is basically the result of a thorough investigation made by our team, looking to find outstanding designers and developers with a solid trajectory in their field, that were: enthusiast on being part of our Box of Bundles project cause, and that were willing of course to giveaway some of their previous work for free “to the masses” (sort of speak).

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Through the process we received hundreds of positive responses from developers/designers exited to be a part of our project, some of which have summed up this first Box of Bundles available for you guys. But this doesn’t stop here, like we said this is only the first of many to come, and will actually be an on-going process where we’ll constantly be bringing a new box of bundles to get your hands on.

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Now as it will be a continuous process, then our staff will ALWAYS be looking for fresh designers and developers to include as part of our freebie bundle, so if you’re a designer/developer interested in being one of the Box of Bundles Authors and have some interesting work to give away to the web  community then don’t hesitate on contacting us.


Remember this can also be a great to promote yourself and your work through our site since the listing of bundles includes an author description in reference to each designer/developer’s trajectory and contact links…oh! and the premise for the work you send us? There are no rules!…any kind of design you consider to be “up to standards” will be eligible to be chosen for boxofbundles.com.

So hope you enjoy this collection of freebies this FIRST of MANY free bundle collections to come, and make sure to not miss out on the next bunch of ready to download freebies created by amazing designers all around the globe…..which we’re ALREADY gathering for you.

Visit our site to download the full bundle!

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