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P.J. Onori

P.J. is a product designer based in San Francisco, California, USA; he has degrees in both computer sciences and design, has worked as a developer, designer and related chores for more than eight years. He feels really comfortable working on user experience design and strategies involving tech-design. His blog, Some Random Dude, has several articles related to design and technology; starting from his own experiences, Onori writes down his thoughts there as well as some works made by him.

One of his posts points out the path that web icons are following nowadays; Where Icons Are Headed on the Web uses an example to predict how semantic and visual icons are going to be as they are already being included as glyphs in font grids, as well as replacing full words, which is really helpful for SEO and indexing purposes.

Another point of view is expressed in Our Ideas Are Cheap Because We Treat Them Cheaply, where he points out the excess of content created for the short-term becoming sort of disposable as authors rarely go back and improve it. That rush is affecting the quality of content, hence he suggests that content quality processes applied to design and scripting should be applied to writing too; a basis to post-forking.

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