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Quick Tip: How to make panoramic images with Photomerge

photomerge09 Sometimes when we travel, it’s possible to find amazing landscapes that cannot be photographed in just a single picture, so what can we do in that case?. Photomerge is an excellent Photoshop script that easily combines several pictures into one single panoramic. You can take a 360 view of a landscape by taking 6 different pictures and then use Photomerge to create the panoramic. This tool works for booth horizontal and vertical compositions.

For start, you must remember some tips at the moment of taking the pictures that we will be using:

  • – Overlap pictures more than 40 %, otherwise Photomerge might not be able of mix them.
  • – Do not change the zoom distance when taking the photographs.
  • – Try to keep the same level and distance, a good way to do that is using a tripod.
  • – Stay on the same position during the taking, if you take one picture and then move 5 feet to the left, the pictures will be harder to blend together.
  • – Use regular lenses, objects such as fish-eye lenses can distort your pictures and make them too hard to combine with Photomerge.


Icon by Iconshock.

First of all, let’s take a look at the 3 pictures that we want to join into a panoramic.




So now we need to start by opening Photoshop, then go to Automate>Photomerge.


Once you clicked on the Photomerge option, the following panel will pop up:


You can either select and entire file and let Photomerge join all the pictures inside of it, select photo by photo or click on Add Open Files and select the files that you have currently opened.


At the left side you will find the different merging options. Auto determines by default the fittest merging option to work with your pictures, Perspective takes usually the middle picture and then fixes the remaining pictures to fix into the composition. Cylindrical is the best option for working with wide panoramic photos, use Spherical if you’re about to join a 360 composition, collage does precisely a composition aligning the layers, reposition generates the merging but does not distort any of the layers.


Finally at the bottom of the panel there are 3 important options to consider before proceeding with the merging. Blend Images Together finds the best borders and creates seams between the pictures based on these borders; Vignette Removal fixes exposure problems by compensate the light and shadow problems among the photos. Geometric Distortion Correction helps fixing the main distortion problems. Finally click OK and you will see the magic occurring in front of your eyes, Photoshop will create a masked layer for each one of the photos that you used, so you can make posterior adjustments.


That’s it, now you can create your own panoramic pictures and let Photoshop assist you on the composition part, see you on our next tip.

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