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Paul Irish

Paul Irish is not from Ireland. Despite that, he does have magic powers, like a leprechaun: He is an HTML5 and CSS3 wizard and pretty good web developer, too. He’s currently working at the Google Chrome Developer Relations team and was a member of the jQuery team for two years. He develops the feature detection library Modernizr, the app workflow tool Yeoman, HTML5/CSS3 (please) and many more helpful pieces of open source code. He’s an open web standards advocate.

When he’s not trying to make a better world for coders everywhere, he’s writing. In his blog or elsewhere. Mr. Irish writes long and thorough articles which go to the bottom of the issue, whichever it may be. As an example you can read his excellent guide on what is and isn’t Webkit or his guide on animating using CSS 2D transformations and the Translate() element.

He keeps his blog updated every few months to keep the article quality and depth consistent instead of just writing more.

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