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Quick Tip: Work with perspective using Vanishing Point in Photoshop

vanishingpoint00 Vanishing point is a useful Photoshop facility that helps to make perspective corrections when we have images that contain perspective planes such as buildings, houses, walls, floors and mostly rectangular shapes. The great thing about this tool is that after you define the planes, all the changes will respect and adjust to them, making your edition process way much easier than before. On this example we will add a graffiti and prolong the house’s deepness, which will look very cool at the end.

To set a clear example, we took this picture of an American house where you can quickly notice the two main perspective sides.


To access to this utility, go to Filters>Vanishing Point.


The Vanishing point tool has the following buttons on its left toolbar.


As you can see, you have some of the standard Photoshop workspace tools, they work similar to the original tools, except for example the clone stamp that does not clone from outside pictures. The create panel allows you to enter a new perspective panel by defining the 4 corners of the panel, while the edit panel is the way you have to modify one of all the perspective points of a panel that you’ve already created. You can create as many panels as you need, usually the ideal is to do 3 panels maximum to avoid confusions.


That’s the first panel, now we make the second one on top of the other face of the house.


Because it’s not a plain surface, you need more than one panel to cover properly the perspective.


And the last part of this side of the house, that should cover it for now.


It’s important to remember that Vanishing Point only works inside the panel, once you exit, all the editions you make won’t consider the perspective panels. This is an useful tool to make little perspective adjustments that can be done using tools like the clone stamp and brush.


You can use the marquee tool to select a part of the picture and then hold Alt and drag to copy it whilst following the perspective, you can achieve really incredible things with Vanishing point, grab some time and practice with this great Photoshop tool.


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