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Peter Paul Koch

Peter hails from the Netherlands, where he is an important character in the web design scene, he may even be the main character in the front end scene since he founded Fronteers, the dutch association of front-end web developers. In 2009 he also became a mobile web specialist since he noted that the mobile scene was in dire need of talented developers able to work on web standards and mobile optimization techniques and hasn’t looked back since.

In his spare time, he maintains QuirksMode, which is the main and most important source on browser compatibility reviews and assessments of their CSS and JavaScript capabilities as well as adherence to W3 standards. QuirksMode also has a blog, through which he talks everything web related, politics and, sometimes, even personal posts.

He has written many long and thoughtful posts on mobile issues and some have even gotten their own series (of posts, not tv series) such as the amazing two parter on Mobile and desktop viewport, which gives you a complete look at desktop and mobile viewports, comparing and contrasting them. Much more recent, however, is his post on Google’s new browser rendering engine, Blink, and how it’ll affect the browser landscape, particularly, Chrome and Opera.

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