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Phil Hawksworth

Phil Hawksworth is a London based web developer, Technical Director at R/GA studios, writer and public speaker on all things web related. His specialty is front-end web development so expect a lot of articles about JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and jQuery, among others. He writes simple, direct and useful advice on front-end web development as well as longer articles regarding the professional side of the industry, as well as his view on different technologies. He’s a pretty big advocate of “open web development”.

Some of the highlights include an article on writing unobtrusive JavaScript for your website, which goes pretty in depth on how to enhance the user’s web experience by doing most complex interactions using the minimum JavaScript possible as there are people that, for some reason or other, lack the capacity to read JavaScript. He sometimes contributes an article or two to .Net magazine, such as this one, which is a review of several web implementations of JavaScript that push the language to its limits, the bleeding edge in JavaScript development.

If you are into web development, be sure to check him out periodically to receive quality content on the matter.

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