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Capture photographs with multiple focus points

Today we want to share with you the next revolution in the photography field coming from the Lytro crew. This people has developed a revolutionary camera that is definitely error-proof, as it captures multiple light points, saving every single focus point that may appear on a picture, this means that you no longer have to worry about focus and things like that, just shoot and the camera will do all the magic.

The light field camera creates “living pictures”, which means that all the information is recorded so you can later decide which zone you like to place focus on. Although this technology was developed years ago, it required tons of lenses and it was impossible to commercialize due its high costs, fortunately the Lytro team has compressed all this technology into a single, portable device.


To understand how the light field concept works we can start by saying that what it does is capturing the light that travels in every direction through every point in space, which means that the camera can register every single object with high sharpness, regardless of the distance, which is something that traditional cameras can’t do as they only capture specific light points.


To create the light fields technology, it was necessary to create a new type of sensor named “light field sensor”, this sensor captures the color, intensity and vector direction of every single light gleam. Traditional cameras take all these light sources and merge them as a single light.

Thanks to this technology, photographers can shoot at any moment without manually adjusting the focus, which is usually the most time consuming part. Now you just have to open the photograph on your computer and adjust the focus point at your will. The camera also has the capacity of alternating between 2D and 3D photographs, which is one of the major trends nowadays.


This technology will definitely change the way we look things, now you won’t lose any detail of your photograph, so people can feel like they’re actually living the moment. You can reserve your camera and read more about this by visiting the official Lytro website.

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